The Last Of Us a batch of new screenshots released

BehindGames writes: A batch of screenshots released for the upcoming action-adventure survival horror game "The Last Of Us", The new screenshots appeared on the websites' s previews about the game.

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garos821846d ago

having just finished playing the demo im dying for the 14th june to arrive.

the demo alone has been the best gaming experience ive had all year

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Foolsjoker1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

I am in a media block out, so close!

manny1up1846d ago

Last of us looks amazing

Tetsujin1846d ago

I just put towards a preorder today for it; I'm trusting ND to deliver like they did with UC2 (not a big fan of 3 but I did like 2).

SonyStyled1846d ago

2 was my least favorite of the four. 3 was my favorite followed by U:DF, U:GA and then number 2. the plot twist in 2 was just stupid in my opinion. still a great game though. all of em are

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1846d ago

Thats odd.

for me it goes 2,3,1,ga.

I didnt like 3 at first but it grew on me during the 2nd playthrough. GA was good but it being a handheld game lacked the cinematic BOOM of its predecessors.

OrangePowerz1846d ago

What I liked about GA was that it was feeling more like Uncharted 1.

I love 2 and 3 with the awesome set pieces, but it was nice to have GA being less focused on huge set pieces for a change. In the end they are all great games.

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