Hey! Listen – “Aston Martin DBS” (007 Legends)

Let’s be honest; 007 Legends was not a terribly good game. In fact, it was a shaken-not-stirred dogs**t smoothie. But you know what? Even bad games have their high points, and in 007 Legends‘ case, it was its surprisingly lively soundtrack.

This piece (seen below), which plays during the Aston Martin driving segment in the Die Another Day mission, stood out as a highlight. It’s got the proper frantic pace for a chase scene, while the trumpets give it that smooth and sexy espionage feel that you’d come to expect from anything starring the world’s most famous spy.

The track was composed by David Arnold, an English film composer who actually penned the original Die Another Day score. Some of his other credits include Bond flicks like Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Casino Royale, as well as films like Stargate, Independence Day, and Hot Fuzz.

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Iceman_Nightmare2021d ago

the soundtrack is amazing, but the game sucked big time. Thanks for ruining it Activision, I mean it was literally CALL OF DUTY with bad graphics... Eurocom used to make good games back on the N64, remember The World Is Not Enough? So I wont blame them, because GoldenEye Reloaded was pretty good, nothing good compared to the original N64 version. But yeah, you can see as Activision bought 007 license for games the games went downhill... Lets hope we see Bond show up at E3 in a SkyFall videogame, and made right this time for next gen consoles

NarooN2021d ago

This is somewhat unrelated but this mention of the vehicles reminds me of the old PS1 game, 007 Racing. Damn, that game was crap. I forced myself through it as a kid, just because I was (and still am) a huge Bond fan. Terrible game. The best part of the game was the boxart, because if you looked at the front license plate, it had a cheat code on it, LOL.