Microsoft Says Nintendo's Legal Power Over GoldenEye 007 is More Than Just influence

Mundorare writes:

"Here we go again with a newly baked episode of the never-ending but always-interesting GoldenEye XBLA drama. Some weeks ago we published several comments coming from Microsoft about this sensitive topic. You don't see representatives from gaming companies commenting on unofficial games everyday, and if the unofficial game in question is the epicentre of a licensing conflict between three major developers, the chances of getting a single word equal zero.

That's why we felt both shocked and confused when they told us that "the rights to the title [meaning GoldenEye 007] are shared between Microsoft and Nintendo." As we said then, we would ask Microsoft again about that part just to make sure we heard well."

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TheTerminator3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

edit: to all who are disagreeing, read the second paragraph and rethink your decision

too bad for MS, most of Rare is at Free Radical, developing Haze for PS3, with great AI

Now if only the Military could see what they can do with AI and defence systems....

i be back

sonarus3922d ago

i don't even understand what the big deal is. If msoft or sony were in nintendo's shoes, they would do the same.

I mean its golden eye great game about a decade ago but far from a system seller.

BrianC62343921d ago

I don't think Rare owns any of Goldeneye 007 actually. They were part of Nintendo at the time so wouldn't that really mean the game belongs to Nintendo? What a waste of money Rare was for Microsoft. Every Xbox/360 game they've made has been bad. What exactly did Microsoft get when they bought Rare?

General Pinky3921d ago

Let’s get everyone that went the game and start sending Nintendo some emails.
Cos we all love the game and it doesn’t matter what console it comes on..
and nintendo will have to listen to the fans

mintaro3921d ago

actually they've made some pretty good games in their time with Microsoft such as Kameo, and Viva Pinata. Soon to be Banjo :D

Blank10173921d ago

Nintendo doesnt have to listen to anyone. theres no way nintendo is gonna let a competitor touch one of their games. if a deal is reached MAYBE we would see the original on the VC.

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Covenant3922d ago

Here's a novel concept:

Release it on XBLA;


Release it on the Virtual Console.


I'm sure the logistics are more complicated than that. But that seems like a great solution to me.

thekingofMA3922d ago

ive thought the same thing

it would finally give the wii a good game haha---i kid, i kid, theres a few

sonarus3922d ago

that was apparently the initial plan but nintendo pulled out last min

Fux4Bux3922d ago

Just need to agree to release it on both networks. I'd definitely buy it.

poopface13922d ago

Im sorry but nintendo is hurting themselves and MS when they do this. Both the wii and 360 could have versions of goldeneye but nintendo has completly abondened the older audience. the 64 had more mature games than the gamecubbe(I think) and the wii has very few mature games, let alone FPS. The 360 goldeneye could have HD and the wii could have wiimote controll. Both are good and I would buy it, even tho I still have a 64 and goldeneye.

BlackIceJoe3922d ago

I so want to play this game again. I hope Microsoft will still try to get this game on the 360.

BrianC62343921d ago

If you want to play it that much I see you can buy the game and an N64 on eBay for around $25 total. There you go.

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