Three Ways Sony and Microsoft Can Improve Faith In Next Generation Consoles

PlayStation Euphoria: Over the past year, we have heard speculation, rumors and vague hints at what’s to come from developers. With the announcement of the PlayStation 4 back in February, we have seen many games using its technology, which have a higher fidelity of graphics or greater design (Media Molecule with PlayStation Move). However, with the Xbox One, it has given gamers a cause for alarm as there will be a used game fee, a particular focus on entertainment/sports, an always “Kinect”ed camera, and no self publishing for the Xbox Live Arcade. Now because of the anti used game movement that Microsoft have made, Sony fans have flooded to Twitter asking several distinguished individuals who work for the company such as Shuhei Yoshida (President of Sony Computer Entertainment) for #PS4NoDRM. The pressure is mounting and these companies need to improve the next gen’s image with gamers and general consumers so they can both have successful launches. Here are “Three Ways Sony and Microsoft Can Improve Faith For Next Generation Consoles.”

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MultiConsoleGamer1996d ago

1. Ensure gamers can play used games.

2. Promise that we will be able to share games with our friends.

3. Don't spy on us.

4. Keep prices reasonable.

5. Reliable hardware.

LackTrue4K1996d ago

4 out of the 5 you listed xbox1 has issues with....

jcnba281996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

That sounds like the Wii U.

ShaunCameron1996d ago

And the sad thing is.... the Wii U nailed just about all of them.

murdock551996d ago ShowReplies(2)
GreenRanger1996d ago

Go to Church, read the Bible, and have no DRM or always-on cameras.

FITgamer1996d ago

I'd go to church, but i stopped talking to my imaginary friends around age 5. Here, here to no DRM or always-on cameras though.

PigPen1996d ago

Faith flew out the window singing.

ExPresident1996d ago

This article annoyed me a bit, and here is why.

As a news site you should probably be up on the news. You mention the DRM issues Microsoft has presented and then leave it open that consumers are flooding Sony with Twitter messages, failing to note that Sony has already said DRM will be up to the Publishers. Stop acting like Sony is in the same boat as Microsoft when they clearly aren't, in the same water yes, in the same boat no.

You are spot on with the pricing issues and it has aggravated me since this generation started. Digital prices for PC are beyond amazing the vast majority of the time, yet on the console digital stores you are price gouged out of your mind. Now granted, PS+ has been an absolutely amazing deal, but it still isn't up there with the insane deals you can get on Steam, and honestly, not in the same league. I'm not a huge PC Gamer by any means, but Steam has it locked down on how to treat the gamer with digital releases imo.

The third paragraph is pointless. E3 is just around the corner and demo's will be available on the show room floor, just like they always are. Yes, it would be cool for them to be at your local GameStop or Best Buy but I'm sure there are contractual agreements between large companies with only having them at E3, and if not, I don't really care. I'll get to see it all while I watch E3.

Not sure what games you are playing, or atleast watching but this generation has seen a pretty big variance in game styles. Flower, Journey, Braid, Limbo, Little Big Planet, ModNation Racers, etc etc all ring a bell. Additionally, where is your source for claiming $500.00? Its pure speculation at this point as no one has a clue what it will be, and while its possible the price will be in that zone, to claim it as a hinderance to sales, without actually knowing the price is just lazy imo.

While Microsoft's console was primarly about its media features, and while Microsofts business decisions annoy the hell out of me, I don't discount that they will have games for their system, that would be silly. I have no doubt at E3 they will show games.... but then to flip and say Knack and Drive Club offer nothing new? Both are new IP's and both look amazing in their own right from what we've seen so far.

Additionally the title in itself makes it sound as tho people already haven't established a faith in the console maker of their choice. I for one am completely satisfied with Sony at this point, especially considering my original 60GB PS3 is still going strong. The biggest issue I had with Sony at the start of this generation was the weak PS Store and its extremely lacking updates. They are far above and beyond that now and I'm very content with it. I'm sure the millions of XBox owners who still pay for XBox Live also believe and have faith in their product because they continue to pay for it.

Not trying to completely raz whoever wrote the article, but gaming journalism, if thats what you want to call it, just annoys the crap out of me on a regular basis and I felt the need to respond to this one for some reason.

chrispseuphoria1996d ago

Thank you for your criticism. I am a voluntary writer for the site and appreciate comments.

The reason why I wrote this article is because gamers, overall, have a lack of faith within next gen and while Sony is saying they will be leaving DRM to the publishers, fans are still tweeting to Sony reps.

Plus, I never said in the article that the PS3 and 360 had bad life cycles at all, it was just in the beginning where they failed to bring a new IP which is appealing to the masses.

In the third paragraph, I believe that consumers would have more security if they actually played the systems themselves rather than watching gameplay clips. You see many people right now stating that next gen graphics look like CG and with a live demo, those issues will be put to rest.

I have also changed the $500 price tag estimate I placed on there. I only stated "a possible $500 price tag", not "a definite $500 price tag."

Otherwise, yes, I agree with your statements. I should have elaborated more on why Knack and Drive Club are not new ideas and yes, I did not know that Sony said they would leave DRM up to the publishers (there are so many rumors, speculations, and comments from developers, representatives, and publishers, it's unreal...).

I am fairly new in the industry and I will learn from your criticisms and grow as a writer. That is why I'm volunteering for PS Euphoria. I don't know what you have against games journalism but at PlayStation Euphoria, we try to be as unbiased as possible even though we're a "PlayStation" website.

ExPresident1996d ago

Thanks for replying and I hope you can benefit from anything I have said. I have everything against games journalism because it lacks the journalism part. Every site claims to be unbiased and everyone can clearly see how that is working out.

I'll still state that even in your reply "The reason why I write this article is because gamers, overall, have a lack of faith within next gen" is clearly speculation that you are writing as fact. You aren't backing that statement up with anything and therefor creating an artificial problem. Until you can prove that the majority of gamers legitimately have lack of faith you can't state that as fact.

But again, best of luck in your writing career and thanks for taking the time to reply.

chrispseuphoria1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

You are right, ExPresident. That was speculation, not fact. I'll be more careful from here on in. Thanks for reading.

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