Why Microsoft Will Win E3 2013

MVGN writes "So Microsoft has officially shown its next generation hand with the XBOX One and the system has seen its fair share of backlash. The companies coming out party focused on changing the landscape of home entertainment and all the features that will have the XBOX One taking over living rooms everywhere. With all this controversy over Microsoft’s newest console, they have found themselves in a very interesting position for this year’s E3. We know what to expect in terms of entertainment with XBOX One but what about the games?

As of this writing, E3 2013 is about 10 days away from rearing its beautiful head and here is why Microsoft will win E3 2013."

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Gildarts2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )


Why Microsoft will win E3?

•Killer Instinct 3
•Crackdown 3
•Fable 4
•Project Gotham racing 5
•Black Tusk's New IP
•Quantum Break
•Forza 5

8 out of the 15 Exclusives,
7 left are for Next year.

FlameBaitGod2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Nah I heard on the xbox version you can play as the dog in multplayer, that's whats going to make it win. They made a 25 mil contract with Activision for dog exclusivity.

JokesOnYou2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

I mean who are we kidding basicly if micro just shows a handful of great looking games that appeal to core gamers and sony doesnt reinvent the wheel all xbox fans will say Microsoft won= biased

ps fans will say sony won regardless what happens= so damm biased its like listening to political candidates campaigning.

FlameBaitGod2025d ago

Hey jokes stop it, just stop it..... i feel like ur my bro cus I have fought with u for years here on n4g with diff accounts. So lets just hug and drink and THEN we can fight and troll and hate and everything else we does.

JokesOnYou2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Heeeeey wassup FlameBait, where you been bro?

2025d ago
HammadTheBeast2025d ago

Can't wait to see their amazing we've never heard that before!

Gildarts2025d ago

Thing is, these games are actually coming out, sooner or later, it's not just a random wish list.

MariaHelFutura2025d ago

Microsoft hasn't won anything. Spec comparisons or gaming community polls. I don't expect E3 to be any different.


True_Samurai2025d ago

Maria baby I swear you're on a hate Microsoft train recently. Be my Juliet (Sony) and I'll be your Romeo (Microsoft). But our sides won't allow it lol /s but Xbox all the way ;-*

Kingthrash3602025d ago


xbox all the in your opinion was the reveal better than sonys?.....cuz they promised it would you think they saved the best for e3? wow I mean who reveals a console and shows mostly tv and sports and non exclusive games all not in game footage ...promises all these exclusives but somehow and for some reason dont answer the most important questions ...and in fact end the reveal with people having more questions than before the reveal aired...MS should spend most of its time answering these questions at e3 (because for some reason beyond my capable minds ability to decipher they aren't answering any of them) otherwise most the games they show will be tarnished by these unanswerd questions.

falviousuk2025d ago

just a major troll, in pretty much every xbox post complaining about everything xbox.

You would wonder why there is so much effort put into all those posts.

conspiracy theorists would have a field day, but then they are too busy posting on here

colonel1792025d ago

If they announce Killer Instinct 3 I'm going to flip out because I don't want an Xbox One, but for that game I would definitely buy it (if the game is still as good as 2 though).

If the rumors of Mirrors Edge 2 being exclusive to Xbox One are true, that will be a megaton! and another reason to get upset because, I don't want to buy an Xbox One. They would have to announce much more games for me to justify a purchase.

Is Quantum Break a mix between TV show and a game?... Sounds lame, but maybe interesting if done correctly.

The list is almost 100% guaranteed. I don't see how any of those won't come true. Maybe not now, but at some point.

grayfoxx8812025d ago

I've heard about the rumors concerning Dragon Age 3 and Mirror's Edge 2 being Xbox One exclusives as well. While I'm sure many people would be upset if this was the case, neither title being exclusive would be a game changer for Microsoft. Dragon Age 2 couldn't manage to break one million in sales, and sales for Mirror's Edge were a little over one million. Personally I think both will be timed exclusives if they are exclusive at all.

Dmagic2025d ago

mirrors edge a megaton now? whoa buddy lol ki3 even if announced can have a great chance at being a flop people have to understand that not everyone can make a good fighting game and the ones that can dont work for microsoft its all a toss up.

Kingthrash3602025d ago

dmagic is right look what they did to perfect dark......jus sayin

ABizzel12025d ago

Kinect Adventures
Kinect Sports
Kinect Fitness
Dance Central 4

Have all sold in the multi-millions, so expect them to be on the console as well Year 1.

Halo 5. New Halo confirmed to be a new trilogy, well 2014 seems likely for a sequel.

13 out of 15 exclusives,
2 left.

JP13692025d ago

Killer Instinct 3- Irrelevant series
Crackdown 2 - First one was pretty good, second one...not so much.
Fable 4- See also: Crackdown
PGR5- I agree
Black Tusk - Unproven dev
Ryse - You're really trusting Crytek to make something slightly better than a tech demo? See also: Crysis 2 and 3.
Quantum Break - New IP from a dev that hasn't exactly set the world on fire in recent years
Forza 5 - Great series, even if it strays a bit too far from simulation physics for my liking.

If I'm being honest, I could say the same about a few of my favorite IP from Sony. I've grown tired of GOW and am really hoping Naughty Dog give Uncharted a bit of a rest. Also, GT5 was sterile and disappointing as far as I'm concerned. Having said that, I don't at all doubt that there will be plenty of talented, proven studios pumping out games for the PS4, including new IP. So, even if that list comes true, MS still has all their work ahead of them to stop Sony's momentum. My guess is they'll go back to trying to convince the uninformed of the "power of the cloud".

koolaid2512025d ago

Killer Instinct was a monumental game in my youth and I would love if they remade it you probably don't like it cause all your friends use to hit 100 hit ultra combos on your anus lol.

JP13692025d ago

Killer Instinct was nothing more than a horrible attempt at cashing in on the Mortal Kombat craze, dial-a-combos and generic character design included. I bought KI Gold for my N64 and - even though I wasn't even a teenager - quickly grew bored of its total lack of complexity. Mind you, I considered MK entertaining at that age. Killer Instinct was garbage and it should stay in the trash.

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SpinalRemains2025d ago

Call of Duty and the controller which uses AA batteries?

Please tell me you have more than this to predict a solid showing. Changing channels and call of duty are two reasons why the reveal was a disaster of biblical proportions.

Belking2025d ago

Stop hating

SpinalRemains2025d ago

I went into the article with an open mind. I saw call of duty and the controller!

How am I supposed to react? Laugh?

I was brutally honest.

Boody-Bandit2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Spinal was brutally honest.
Trust me. I'm an expert.

B-radical2025d ago

COD is meh and the controller well they did release a 360 controller that is rechargeable dont see why they wont end up doing it this gen besides i got a stack of rechargable batteries that are always already for use dont bother me if i have to switch takes like 3 seconds, but as i was saying cod is mehhhhh

SpinalRemains2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Don't get me wrong, the controller is ergonomic and the triggers are superb again.

That said, it still has wonky batteries, no USB and lets be honest, if the controller is the highlight of your games expo reveal, then just call in sick.

Sony showed only their joystick for the console reveal. They didn't even have a final design console to show yet or they were waiting for hype. Still it was a proper setting to show off the new stick.

E3 is all about the games though. If you're touting a multiplat and a joystick then things are looking to worsen if that's possible.

Here's to Hoping the games look awesome.

B-radical2025d ago

Well with 8 new ip's i hope microsoft dont screw it up cause if they do then im staying with pc

Gildarts2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

It doesn't use AA batteries. Its time to finally put that assumption to rest!

BAM see that? at 0.22 seconds mark.. I think it's a PP3 battery presumably rechargeable. Which means it will come with its own micro-USB cable.

Dualshock 4 has batteries too only it's not removable. You guys think Sony invented some new type of energy source or something? Lol

B-radical2025d ago

i just watched a vid on kotaku it does use disposable double AA batteries buy im betting they release a rechargable controller again

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PigPen2025d ago

It just might win, but will be in a hell of fight to do so.

Software_Lover2025d ago

.................... It is not a competition.

MoveTheGlow2025d ago

Yes, and at the same time, capitalism is a competition. It's a marketing blitz, but what's an all-sides marketing blitz clamoring for fans if not a competition? Eh. I just want to play some new games.

Hicken2025d ago

They're competing for our patronage.

aviator1892025d ago

All I'm going to say is that I'm pumped for all 3 console makers and I hope they all succeed with showing off whatever they have planned.

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