Top 10 Playstation 3 Exclusives to Play Before Starting the New Console Generation

All Age Gaming's Tyler writes: "The next generation is upon us. Microsoft has announced their new machine, and Sony has revealed their hand with the PS4. While pricing and launch titles are on everyone’s minds, what we here at All Age Gaming will be focusing on are the cream of the crop of this generation. These are the must-plays for either novelty, gameplay quirks, or just shear spectacle. So without further ado and in no particular order, here is All Age Gaming’s Top 10 PS3 Must-Play Games."

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Relientk771998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

The Uncharted series
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Tales of Graces f
Ratchet and Clank Future ToD, and ACiT
Valkyria Chronicles
3D Dot Game Heroes
Infamous 1 and 2

I'm going to assume The Last of Us, as well because it's by Naughty Dog

Ps: The screenshot they show for Uncharted 2, is from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Conan-O-Brady1998d ago

The only one I missed from your list is Ni No Kuni, I will fix that this weekend.

Abash1998d ago

PS3 exclusives that are releasing right before the release of the PS4 that I cant wait to get are

Beyond: Two Souls
Tales of Xillia
Gran Turismo 6
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD reMix

Relientk771998d ago

Yeah PS3 has a really good lineup for the rest of the year.

I'll be getting Tales of Xillia, The Last of Us, and Beyond: Two Souls atleast

FamilyGuy1997d ago

Dragon's Crown
The Last of Us
The Metal Gear Solid HD collection

medziarz1998d ago

Don't forget R&C: Quest for Booty

showtimefolks1998d ago

MGS HD collection/MGS4

Uncharted series

God of war HD collections,3 and ascension

Ratchet and clank tools,quest for booty and crank in time

last of us

heavy rain

beyond 2 souls

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warewolfSS1998d ago

What about war hawk!! Starhawk was horrible.

TheFallenAngel1997d ago

God of War 3!!
Uncharted series
Resistance: Fall of Man
The Last of us

DA_SHREDDER1997d ago

I can't stress this enough, but motorstorm and Killzone series are the most underrated and underappreciated games this gen.

FamilyGuy1997d ago

The first Motorstorm was my introduction into HD gaming, the clay dirt of Rain God Mesa will forever be etched into my memories @[email protected]

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