Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Remake Please?

About Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and why it should be remade

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TheSuperior 1995d ago

I would love that to happen. I wish the Wii u had something where I could play my ds games on my tv screen. Sony's doing it with the vita but Sony doesn't have Pokemon.

DarkBlood1994d ago

so i could play uncharted vita on the big screen when i eventually get one as soon as a red one is release? o.o

evilkillerk1995d ago

Is always a possibility. I personally would love it.

Mr_Nuts1995d ago

I'd rather them just focus their time on ONE edition, why not focus resources and time on a Pokemon Emerald remake.

It was the same for Heart Gold and Soul Silver, why not just do a Crystal remake and instead of Fire Red and Leaf Green why didn't they just do a Pokemon Yellow remake.

Least then you get the ultimate edition with everything included.

ABizzel11995d ago

Because they can potentially sale you two copies vs. one.

I completely agree with you, but that's business.

Mr_Nuts1995d ago

I understand new Pokemon games doing this but it's a tad greedy when we've already played them. They made the money back when they did it the first time these were released so I don't see how doing just one version is going to loose them money, they'll still gain something from it

DEATHxTHExKIDx1995d ago

Yea Im all for a R/S remake. Gen 3 is my favorite. It will probably be after the special edition for X/Y.

kirbyu1995d ago

It seems like it would be hard to take those games and make them use 3D models. You're probably saying they could use sprites again. But then it would be a port, not a remake.

DarkBlood1994d ago

all of your pokemon can be transfered to x/y so i think its safe to say 3d ish models were already made in place

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The story is too old to be commented.