Nintendo's E3 2013 site now live

Nintendo's E3 2013 website is locked and loaded. Naturally, there isn't a ton of content on the site at present, but it does confirm that a live-stream will be hosted directly on the page.

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PigPen2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

What, they trying to make it seem like they mean business? I'm sold already lol.

gamer422021d ago

I'm trying to keep my expectations low so as to not be disappointed by anything in the direct...

OH who am I kidding, ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!

MoveTheGlow2021d ago

^8-4 bump!

Seriously, while I'm going to watch everything and I really want Sony to knock it out of the park, I'm most interested in what they're planning for 3ds. I've got that system, it won't require an always-on Kinect or punish me for buying a used game, and the tech behind it is simple enough that devs can spend time and money on game design, and not on making things look infinitely more realistic. Best game this year has been Fire Emblem: Awakening. Can't wait to see what else is coming.

Realplaya2021d ago

Nintendo presentation fade in the lights show the goods. End with Run out to best buy and play now. Fade to black end scene.

Canary2020d ago

I hope they do something cool.

But I've been following E3 for a long time, and I feel like the news is never terribly interesting.

At this point, all I'm really hoping for is news of DQ7 3D, and maybe some more info on WiiU stuff--more VC stuff, unified account system, price drop, things like that.

With the next-generation circle-jerk revving up all over again, though, I think we're less likely than ever before to see something cool and interesting.

RAFFwaff2020d ago

two words: Retro, Monolithsoft. [End]