Will Nintendo buy out Sega?

I do not like to discuss rumors mainly because it feels too close to gossip. I had an interesting thought recently: “What if Nintendo bought Sega?” I know some of our wonderful readers will be wondering how exactly did my brain reach that destination. Part of it is experience, and part of it is economic climate. The final piece of the pie comes from documenting patterns. I admit it is not perfect, and not completely scientific. So please read this article with a grain of salt – or maybe an entire salt shaker if that makes you feel better.

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Jackhass2024d ago

It's seeming more and more likely.

-Gespenst-2024d ago

Man, Smash Bros games would certainly be all the better for it. Still, it's been sort of sad to see Sega get smaller and smaller.

MultiConsoleGamer2024d ago

I would like to see it happen but its very unlikely.

Sega just has a very profitable quarter.

peanut722024d ago

If anything it is an interesting question to ponder. :)

BlackIceJoe2024d ago

It will not happen because Sega is to much money. Sega-Sammy is worth 5 Billion dollars. Nintendo is worth 14 Billion dollars. People like to think Sega is bleeding cash but they are not their casino machines & arcades bring in lots of cash. People forget Sega does not just make video games. The arcades & casino is where they make most of their money.

I am not saying Sega does not lose money. They do on different games but overall they make more money then they lose.