Gaming with the seasons

For most gamers, the weather outside doesn't matter one bit. Gaming is fun--why shouldn't we spend the occasional beautiful day indoors relaxing with a controller in our hands? We are gamers and playing games is what we gamers are all about, but are we doing it right? Are we playing the right game during the right season during the right weather? Lets find out.

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Canary1963d ago

I spent most of today playing Donkey Kong and Oracle of the Ages, due to the fact that pretty much everywhere in town is submerged under several feet of floodwater.

UberGrav1962d ago

Oblivion and Skyrim are games I always return to when the Spring arrives. They feel refreshing! I tend to play Minecraft all year round, and it always makes me feel like it's summer, but Oblivion [probably more then Skyrim] just makes me feel like I've spent a whole day out in the fresh air.

Actually, Tiger Woods on PS3 is a summer game too. I wonder if video game companies do [or could] build weather interaction into games--weather sync, or something like that. Some way to heighten the video game experience by coordinating with online weather reports or something?