BMW designs the ultimate gaming PC

BMW designs the ultimate gaming PC

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LOL_WUT1788d ago

Agreed that looks awesome but will it blend?

ATi_Elite1788d ago

BMW designed my Thermaltake Level 10 GT and I love it but so far I'm not feeling this new case.

Need a final unit built to actually see everything and how hardware fits inside it....I'm sure it will cost an ARM just like the Level 10 did when it first launched.

joe901788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Not a massive fan of the case,

Ill stick with mine

FragMnTagM1788d ago

Nice case.

I'll stick with mine too as that case just sticks out way too much.

FamilyGuy1788d ago

Wow, it looks great but when will it go on market?

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NameRemoved00171788d ago

It will only cost 5x what it would cost to build the same PC yourself.

M-M1788d ago

Alright I want that, but I think we all know the price tags on BMW's products lol.

GamersRulz1788d ago

Anything BMW touches become a masterpiece

cyguration1788d ago

If I could afford their stuff, I would definitely get them.

I love their mouse and Thermaltake case designs. So sexy.

kneon1788d ago

The PC is ok but I find their cars pretty dull, call me when Ferrari design a PC

GamersRulz1788d ago

C'mon man, look at BMW 2013 line up, its just stunning.

and Ferrari is something else.

I'm a fan of both, but I can only afford BMW :(

kneon1788d ago

Other than the z4 I don't care for any of their current line up.


all im seeing is a pretty ugly case at a 9x markup.

Doctor_Freeman1788d ago

Same here, under the hood is what makes a real "Ultimate gaming PC".

FamilyGuy1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Yeah, disagree about the look, I think it looks good but I agree about the title. I'm confused about the site calling it a gaming PC when it's just a gaming PC case. It seems to be missing some parts :P

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