Gaming at 24’ x 24’: Because Size Matters

When it comes to your gaming screen, does size matter to you? To us, we like to think that bigger is always better! Gaming on 24' by 24' wall works pretty well!

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Snookies122021d ago

When the screen is too big, it's hard for me to focus. Yet I don't like it too small either of course. I say in the 40-50 inch area is prime for gaming.

DarkBlood2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

yeah i think it has to do with the distance, that size tv sounds like something that goes in a mansion while your 30 feet away

or having a couch at the end of the wall and the tv on the other end in a living room or basement

TheUltimateGamer2020d ago

Has anyone gamed on a bigger screen? If so let us know... :)

rainslacker2019d ago

I have an 110" projector screen and it's fine for movies and stuff. On the bigger screen though it is hard to focus with games as Snookie says above. Movies tend to have a central focal point to the picture, whereas games require mostly seeing everything from UI, to the environment around you.

That's just been my experience, I'm sure some people love playing on a bigger screen, as indicated below. Sometimes it depends on the kind of game you're playing too. Fast paced games are harder than slower moving games.

imahustla192020d ago

I play on a 120 inch screen. got a 3d 720p projector and i will never ever ever buy a TV again. great for COD and Battlefield by the way!

DieCamperDie2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Hey boyz im playing on a 300 inch screen and I love it I got a acer k330 720p but before ps4 comes out im gonna get the acer k750 native resolution 1080p Im never going back to tv. I dont play better because of the size of the screen it is just more enjoyable and my cinema is at home no more movie tickets ohh and I almost forgot... it is easier to spot the campers

ShaunCameron2020d ago

Well, it certainly can't be lower than 19". I can't say that bigger is better, because the flatscreen I got (19" 720p) is in my rather small bedroom and is used more often for PC internet stuff than video games. And I feel anything above 24" would be a distraction.

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