GamesBeat: Dust 514: Interstellar drama trumps the cumbersome combat (review)

GamesBeat's Giancarlo Valdes: After playing Dust 514 for 27 hours, I feel like I haven’t made a dent. I spent most of it jumping into battles alone just so I could collect more money and skill points, which is Dust’s equivalent of fighting random battles over and over in RPGs for experience. It’s only when I fought with a corporation that I truly feel like a part of the Dust 514 narrative. I fear that many players may never even get that far due to how overwhelming the menu-heavy interface can seem.

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deantak1971d ago

Can the people on the ground shoot down a starship with their own hand weapons? Now that would be fun!

darkronin2291971d ago

Not yet! But I know CCP's got something cooking up where the Dust bunnies can fire back at the ships with the cannons.

Sadie21001971d ago

That sort of combat/interaction seems more appropriate than trying to do the on-ground Halo/Killzone thing.

wita1971d ago

I don't want to play alone, noo!

Pretty interesting what they're doing, though.