The Beauty of Xbox One: A New Approach to Design

NBC News: ''When Microsoft first unveiled its next-generation Xbox One console earlier this month, the gaming press met the new device with trepidation, if not outright ridicule. The tech giant might have given itself a leg up on its close rival Sony by actually showing people what the console looked like ... but most critics don't like the look of the Xbox One. Almost instantaneously, naysayers began posting pictures on Twitter comparing the new gaming gadget to a 1980's-era VCR.

Well, Microsoft has officially had enough of all the jokes. In a long statement posted on the company's site "Xbox Wire," Microsoft this week defended "the beauty of the Xbox One."''

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Godmars2901694d ago

And it still looks like a VCR.

Just wait: someone's going to make a blinking digital clock to stick on it.

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MoveTheGlow1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

"The console and Kinect sensor are liquid black so they melt into the background when being used, allowing the content on your TV to dominate the living room."

That sounds like the design principles behind an 80's VCR.

Granted, I think the thing looks like a 90's Oreck Air Purifier.

Godmars2901694d ago

Its still in need of fake wood paneling.

Zcarnut1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Actually Move I took that quote as its a understated design on purpose, because what it does matters more than what it looks like. Its designed to blend in rather than visually assault your living room with "thats sooo cool...Pass me another Red Bull Backwards hat guy".
80's electronics tended to go heavy on announcing to the world you stepped up (4 head,stereo,auto rewind,digital tuner,etc plastered all over it).
I just dont get the styling fanatics about consoles. You going to wax and take it out on Saturday night? Is a girl going to come by and say "Gee (INSERT NAME HERE) i'd just rip all my clothes off now if your console wasnt so hideous".

cell9891693d ago

I wonder if you can switch the face pallet like the 360 with a wood grain plate

Why o why1694d ago

I doubt it'll be featured on core77, I really do

NioRide1694d ago

I don't see why people are complaining about the looks.

I mean people made jokes about the ps3 looking like george foreman grill. And people still bought it.

I personally prefer the more conventional look compared to some stupid goofy shape that has a hard time trying to not stick out on my shelf.

ChiaPet1694d ago

I think it looks really nice. The design approach to keep it simple really stands out here. Plus, the black gloss is really really nice.

Godmars2901694d ago

Didn't say it looked nice or bad, just that it immediately reminds me of a first generation VCR. That such a resemblance has lead to the comments and jokes they have or that MS and the MS camp has quickly gotten sick of them is besides the point.

If anything this only proves how thinned skinned the company and it's fanboys are. Don't think Sony ever responded to the George Foreman Grill jokes except go along with them.

Didn't they actually make the grill?

FamilyGuy1693d ago

Can't wait to see what hardware modders do when they get this thing. Stick the components inside an actual VCR, make that front right panel and LCD display, use it's case for a gaming pc, add wood-grain panels, etc.

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MariaHelFutura1694d ago

'Beautiful' is not a word I would use to describe the Xbone.

Convas1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Who gives a damn what word YOU'D use?

Beauty is highly subjective. I thought most people would know that by now, but perhaps I was mistaken.

Edited for clarity.

MariaHelFutura1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

As for subjective.... That's why I said "I would use". Don't get so excited!!!

Haules1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Hmmm i wonder where i saw that design


Yeah lol!

Im gonna buy the x1 controller for my PC hehe...

cell9891693d ago

badass tech right there

SignifiedSix911694d ago

Who cares what it looks like? In February, Every one was saying "who cares about the case. What matters is what's inside" and all of the sudden it matters?

I like it. It'll fit in with all the other boxy equipment that's located on my entertainment center.

MariaHelFutura1694d ago

It doesn't matter what it looks like, what matters are the specs for gaming. But that doesn't change the fact it's big, ugly and looks like a VCR.

SignifiedSix911694d ago

For one, its about the same size as the fat 360, so, really, that's not "big". Were you one to judge the PS3 design when it came out? because that thing was uglier than what the One is now.

It looked like a damn George Foreman Grill.

Did that stop me from buying one? hell no.

MariaHelFutura1694d ago

The phat PS3 is ugly and a horrible dust magnet. The Xbone is ugly too and looks like a VCR. Chill out and buy away.

HammadTheBeast1693d ago

After the s*** MS gave Sony for not showing a box, showing a glorified VCR doesn't hold up.

Sanquine901694d ago

VCR :) But it's retro :D Hipsters will buy it:) I will buy it just to play halo:)

Snookies121694d ago

Argh, I still need to play Halo 4. Hopefully MS is going to announce a price drop on 360's. I'd like to pick another one up for that alone. There are a few other titles I never got around to play on the 360 though as well.

Haules1694d ago

I will buy it just to turn on my tv so i could play my PS4!

Foxgod1694d ago

Doesnt look like a VCR to me, reminds me more of an amplifier, and i am fine with that, will match my other equipment better.

Wikkid6661694d ago

Yep... will look really sharp next to my Surround Sound Receiver.

Why o why1694d ago

True, a bit denon'ish looking

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