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GiR: It's not a horrible game; just a horrible Insomniac game. Presentation aside, its a proficient shooter. But, a seven for them is pretty bad considering all of their past efforts have been amazing in my eyes. It's a pity since they really could have show off all their strengths and expanded their following by going multiplat. I don't think they ever get the respect, or sales figures, they deserve. Fuse's lack of vigor certainly won't help.

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PSVita2026d ago

The game is lame. I didn't like resistance either but they should have stuck it out with Sony...

TheGOODKyle2026d ago

As a PS3 gamer I have to say a developer sticking with one publisher shouldn't affect your opinion on a game. Further, if you didn't like the Resistance series (wherein that was PS3 exclusive)what credibility is there to your statement regarding Insomniac's decision to go to EA?

PSVita2025d ago

If you have any understanding of what a difference a publisher can make to the final product of a game, you might get why I say that. Their original idea of Overstrike would have been much better than this low-budget ME and R&C baby. They wanted to go multiplat form which is fine but there are certainly benefits to working with Sony. Every exclusive may not sell incredibly well but I've only heard great things about Sony as a publisher.

ger23962026d ago

The resistance series is one of my favorites this gen. Resistance 3 being the best. It a shame they went multiplatform, but I don't blame them for trying to expand their fan base.

-Gespenst-2026d ago

7.16 / 10 does not equal "this game fizzles out as a dud". Stop perpetuating nonsense review standards.

agentxk2026d ago

I didn't know that you formulated the metrics that reviews are based upon. It's good to meet you, I apologize the reviewers use of your opinion-related metric scale wasn't to your liking.

With that being said, his comment explains it all. Stop not reading.

-Gespenst-2025d ago

Doesn't matter. It's not objective to say it's a 'bad 7' because the company previously made great games. A 7 should be a 7, and while that doesn't correspond to a singular definition or way a game is, "fizzles out as a dud" doesn't fall within that score by virtue of its phrasing.

Is the game truly a 7? Then you can't really use such strong terms as "fizzles out as a dud". If it really is a "dud" in the manner he describes, then surely it must be a 4 or 5 out of 10 or thereabouts.

Again, of course such a score denotes numerous things and lots of games get 7s for different reasons, but in this case, it's an inconsistent evaluation. There's a noticable gap between the language and the score, as well as a weird spin that's not objective- i.e. "bad for an Insomniac game". This kind of inconsistency contributes to the whole "7 out of 10???!! That's shit!!! / only a 9 or 10 out of 10 game is good" bullcrap. Think of how much reviews shape peoples opinions of games. It's irresponsible to not even try to be objective.

I'm not even defending Fuse, I think it looks hyper-generic.

Goro2026d ago

7.16/10? No need to be that precise, stick with 7.2
Insomniac need to return to Sony and start working on some old sytle R&C games like the PS2 ones

OmniSlashPT2026d ago

I'm not buying this now! I mean, a 7.17 was acceptable, but 7.16? Thats just outrageous!!

Goro2026d ago

I meant it would be more simple if it was 7.2 you sarcastic tard

Genuine-User2026d ago

This game is a good rent.

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