The Xbox One’s Fumble is the PlayStation 4 and Wii U’s Gain's Dave Walsh looks at some of the missteps that Microsoft took with the Xbox One and how we've seen Nintendo and Sony benefit, as well as how Sony can adjust how they handle the PlayStation 4 to appear more consumer-friendly.

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vega2751997d ago

Article like this make me laugh. Instead of waiting for E3 to pronounce one dystem dead on arrival. They act as sed company cant redeem themselves when they unveil games at E3. Which is only 10 days away. Sheesh

yugovega1997d ago

funny ms said more about their system in 1 hour then sony did in 2 and Microsoft is the one in trouble. lol sony could fail just as bad if they announce something gamers do not agree with or even worse "show off sports at e3"

ThatCanadianGuy5141997d ago

They did not say more about their system.The PS4 reveal went in-depth and talked about controller, specs, even live tech demos showcasing the horsepower of the console.Showcasing remote play (live), Social features, live streaming, video uploading and actual, live gameplay demos.

Did you and i watch the same two conferences? There is no comparison.

MasterCornholio1997d ago

Well i have to agree with you that they talked more about the multimedia features of their console than Sony but the PS4s focus is on games which in my opinion should be the main focus of a gaming system.

Clarence1997d ago

You wish Sony would f$$k up as bad as M$ did. You don't have to worry about that. You won't be seeing any fantasy football or cod dogs running around at Sony's e3 conference.

Nor will see fake voice commands and pocket remotes controlling the screen.
You might see M$ give away a few Betamax 1s to get some applause from the crowd though.

cyguration1997d ago

Yep, because a bunch of games will make up for Kinect, 24 hour check-in and used game fees.


cyhm31121997d ago

you forgot $60 a year for online play, needs battery for the controllers, weaker hardware and a lot more.

warewolfSS1997d ago

I'd pay 60 a year gladly, over playstations version of " online". What a joke. You get what you pay for. I have both systems and my ps3 is for Netflix and exclusives. Can't wait for last of us.

OptimusC1997d ago

I had a thought that seems to be missing on everyone's queue... Maybe some people have put it together... but I haven't read anything yet. June 10, 2013 is a HUGE day. E3 kicks off with all sorts of amazing next-gen info, console release dates, launch titles, more software throughout the year to come, and future titles to come. Now, a key component in any great press conference is viewers. The dilemma here that I see is with Microsoft. They are the first to go up at 10am PST, I think, while Sony is 6pm PST. A lot of people have forgotten that there is also another conference kicking off on the same day. This is called WWDC. Apple is showcasing their latest tech on that day (iPhone 5S anyone?)... and guess what time?? 10am PST! So, basically, forget just the battle against Sony, Microsoft has to compete against Apple, too! Personally, I'm probably going to be more interested in Apple's show just because I have been waiting to hear what they have to offer for me this year when I update my phone, while just reading the aftermath of Microsoft's show online.

dedicatedtogamers1997d ago

"Instead of waiting for E3..."

Comments like this make me laugh. Instead of looking at the past three years of Microsoft's behavior with the 360, people would rather create some pie-in-the-sky fantasy world where Microsoft "blows away the competition lol!" at E3 and all is forgiven.

Don't worry. You'll have a chance to backpedal again and say "wait until it launches!" after E3

vega2751997d ago

You mean like when sony did with the ps3 when it launched. Yeah I saw a lot of "bu bu but wait until this game release"

DigitalRaptor1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

@ vega275

There wasn't really any "bu bu wait" with PS3. It had good launch games and we all KNEW more games would come in time. Some games had delays. PSN needed time to improve but that's about it for gaming.

The PS3 didn't have sh*tty restrictive DRM across all of its PHYSICAL games, an always-online connection, a forced online fee charging you for free apps, an always-on required camera peripheral to run the console, region locked games, or a track record of disappointing E3s focused on the non-gamer and smoke and mirrors demonstrations.

By no-one's fault but their own, MS will have to prove themselves in more ways than games, because as we've seen their dwindling focus in recent years, and in recent weeks it's become more about fleecing the consumer as much as they think they can get away with, than it has been about games.

Even if they show great games (which I'm positive they will) they will still have the sickening restrictions they've put in place when designing their console looming over them.

fermcr1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I guess we should wait for E3 to pass judgment, but as of now (forced Kinect, always online and no used games), i don't like what i see.

Microsoft better have one hell of a launch lineup to convince me.

Why o why1997d ago

I'm with you 100... ...

ArnoldSchwarzenigra1997d ago

Redeeming a console with games isn't the issue when people are pissed off because of what restrictions are on offer to them if they buy an Xbox One. The games aren't what people have a problem with. So even if good games are announced, that's still not fixing the issues we have with the console.

DA_SHREDDER1997d ago

Exactly Arnold. Im not gonna be paying 15 bucks a month to play the same ol games over and over again. I want Forza, but it ain't that d3ep yo.

titletownrelo1997d ago

PS4 fanboy:"wow, these rumors for the Xbox 720
sound horrible!"

720 fanboy:"shut up and wait till the reveal."

PS4 fanboy:"Damn, Xbox One looks and sounds awful!"

ONE fanboy:"shut up and wait till E3"

PS4 fanboy:"Meh, not impressed. PS4 wins."

ONE fanboy:"shut up and wait till next gen"

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dvewlsh1997d ago

Well, Wii U did kind of have a little surge there for a while.

BabyTownFrolics1997d ago

these sites would not exist if it were not for n4g, thus I blame n4g for these sh%tty articles. just like I blame the 24/7 news cycle (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc.) for sh%tty news and sensationalist news coverage

dvewlsh1997d ago

LOL, yeah, I dunno man. As someone who regularly writes these "sh%tty articles," they get posted on N4G just almost out of habit. N4G doesn't drive traffic all that well.

I'd say on average most people read the headline and part of the description before going into the comments to say whatever they feel like without ever clicking through or reading most of it.

It is a place that once in a while gets a good discussion going, though, which is why it is valuable.

Garbanjo0011997d ago

I'm pretty sure this is the same exact article I've read in other people's postings just worded differently and focused on slightly different aspects. Honestly, who cares? I want to buy a PS4, and a WiiU, not because of MS, but because I want them both. Honestly opinion of MS? Yeah they screwed up horribly!!! I can't wait for them to crash and burn lol.

FrigidDARKNESS1997d ago

Nope, nothing has brrn gsined until the new consoles are launched.

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