Three New Final Fantasy X HD Screenshots

Square Enix has published three new images of Final Fantasy X-HD.

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minimur121962d ago

tbh i find the middle photo a bit of a spoiler...

DarkBlood1962d ago

i never played these games myself, but that second picture could mean anything im on the otherside when i say im not sure what to feel spoiled about on it

minimur121962d ago

well the girl is yuna, and the other guy is seymore guado.......

what im getting at, is that you know theres a wedding. even before you meet the two characters, you know they get married... or do they?

Pozzle1962d ago

Haha I love that one of the screenshots is that infamous laugh scene :D

Agent_hitman1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I hope the HD version will have added particle effects and advanced shader. I believe the Quad core PS handheld can render that level..

abzdine1962d ago

i want this game so bad! i wish it releases on PS4 as well with cross save between the 3 machines

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The story is too old to be commented.