Achievements Have Ruined How I Play Games

Kotaku: "While I sit here typing this sentence, my gamerscore sits at 122,595G. By the time you read this, it will be higher. I am an achievement hunter, or in less-polite company, an achievement whore. And it’s ruining video games."

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yugovega1757d ago

obvious reason achievements are not needed. and yet another reason used game sales are so high. let me get this cheap game to get my 1000 and I'll take it back in 7 days and get another and so on. my time working for gamestop I saw this all the time. guys buying gears or halo and picking up the Hannah Montana game for 5 dollars used and saying i'm going to bring this back tomorrow after I get the 1000. lamers not gamers.

SegaGamer1757d ago

Your right, it is pretty sad. I like to build up my gamerscore but i am not going to go and buy a game i don't even like just to build it up, it's pathetic. I also don't just trade in my games if i get 1000 gamerscore for it, i keep my games just in case i want to go back and play them again, which i do.

Bigpappy1757d ago

Achievements do not change the way you play, unless that is what you choose.

e-p-ayeaH1757d ago

exacly multiplayer achivements those i dislike because multiplayer doesnt garantee a satisfing experience.

Remember when games had this warning - Game experience may change during multiplayer

This is why Singleplayer games will always be better.

Salooh1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Yep, I learned how to take advantage of them. I don't take them seriously. I don't care if my friends collect them. Sometimes I do it for fun as a challenge came from a friend but when i'm done i don't collect unless i liked the game and want to do more stuff.. That's how you guys should look at it.

However , When i bring a great game like MGS4 (Before the update) to my little brother he ignore it. He only play the games that have trophies. Kids these days only play for trophies. Instead of talking about the game they talk about trophies xD .

zeal0us1757d ago

I don't let achievements interfere with the way I play. I'm not a completionist who looks to get all the achievements within a game. I play my games to enjoy them.

Lucreto1757d ago

Achievements have changed the way I play. I play the game for longer and do things I don't normally do.

In Bioshock I played through the hardest setting with no vita chambers on. I would have never have done that before.

Software_Lover1757d ago

I dont have a problem with them, especially the harder ones.

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The story is too old to be commented.