Spencer Suggests Buying Xbox One AND Keeping Your 360

Phil Spencer has suggested people who want to continue to enjoy their Xbox Live Arcade games should just keep their Xbox 360. Didn't Microsoft say the Xbox One was ALL-in-one?

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DJMarty1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Forget Xbox one, I sugest buying a PS4 and throwing 360 in bin.

zeal0us1942d ago

Well I won't be throwing my 360 in the bin. I got seven games left to play and three more on my to buy list(Red Dead, Spec Ops: The Line and Kingdom of Amalur. However I might buy Lost Odyssey and or Blue Dragon).

I will wait till E3 before making the final decision on whether or not to buy a PS4 or Xbox One.

BattleAxe1941d ago

Just buy those games on Steam during the Summer Sale towards the end of June. If you have a wired 360 controller, plug it into your PC and play games with ease. The Xbox 360 is such a waste of time and money.

Insomnia_841941d ago

I got Spec Ops: The Line for free with PlayStation Plus. Good game.

Drakesfortune1941d ago

all 3 of those games you have listed have been on ps plus...kingdom of amalur is this months game of the month along with demon souls

Maddens Raiders1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

This guy is a joke, but MSFT always craps on their customers and says some dumb sh*t like this to add injury but no one even bats an eye, especially the "fanbase". That is some serious loyalty for those ppl. But me, I think this is MSFT's last hurrah. They really screwed the pooch this time w/ the announcement of the XBO. Sure, they're going to sell it the die hards and casual media freaks but they've lost the hardcore gamer forever. They've gone way past the point of no return and no sensible, human, consumer, gamer is going to go down that path.

I guess if you're into collecting consoles and you're really dedicated to it, that's one thing but other than that, they've slipped from being a true competitor in the gaming console arena (bc it's not a gaming console) and I simply cannot support this product in any way shape or form. I mean the snap and multi app aspect of the box is intriguing but Kinectotron constantly staring and monitoring me, Redmond sending my bios all over who knows where -- that's all a non-starter in my home.

The question begs to be asked? Have MSFT execs and middlemen drank all the kool-aid and lost their mother****** minds pulling this type of crap on the average gamer???? They'll never live this down. Never.

Gildarts1941d ago

For all the tinfoils, you can turn Kinect completely off.

abzdine1941d ago

xbox one to watch tv and 360 to play games? sounds alright! the question is: which games?

True_Samurai1941d ago

Why would I throw something I paid for and enjoy in a bin? O_o I think I'll keep it

3-4-51941d ago

* Usually people would trade in towards their new people won't as much and some of those people may hold off on getting a new one because they don't/won't have the money unless they traded it in.

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Rothalack1942d ago

I think people are just freaking out over change. Change happens and it's scary. Idk... I'm just not going to buy any consoles, I like my PC.

bumnut1941d ago

The best thing about PC gaming is that I can still play games from the 90's on my brand new PC.

Consoles don't do BC anymore :(


The only change that happens is the change we accept.

nukeitall1941d ago

However, for things to get better, we have to accept change!

My poor old mom still refuses to accept computers and does everything the ancient and slow way, because she is set in her old ways....

HyperBear1942d ago

So the Microsoft All-In-One Entertainment device, called the Xbox One, is now an All-In-One box plus another Xbox 360 box, plus a cable box, plus an external hard drive its the Xbox One+ Box?

GamersRulz1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

the funny thing about Xbone is that you still need your cable box for TV channels to work!.

Can someone tell me what the effin point of having Xbone?

-Games (Multiplat)= Superior on PS4

Games (Exclusives)= PS4 will easily have the upper hand (many Sony 1st party + Superior hardware)

TV= you still need you cable box, So?

Online= you can play online EVERYWHERE and for FREE.

I can see only one reason to have it:

If you want to strip yourself of any privacy (Kinect 24/7) and strip yourself from ownership (24h content check+DRM)

Then Xbone is the right console for you.

Benchm4rk1941d ago

I must have missed something. Did they release the consoles and games already. They must have if you know that the multi plat games will be superior on ps4. How about instead of being a fanboy and making assumptions based on nothing you wait til the consoles are released before making judgment on which has the best version of a multi plat game

GamersRulz1941d ago

Numbers never lie...check them out.

PS4 has clear advantage to the point That its IMPOSSIBLE for devs to gimp PS4 versions of multiplat at all.

50% GPU power
100% ROP
33% ALU
300% bandwidth available (GDDR5)
7Gb available for Games.
Unified memory system.
Easiest Next gen Console to develop for.
Most powerful APU ever created by AMD

Benchm4rk1941d ago

Yes numbers never lie. The PS3 was more powerful than the 360 but we know how well the multi plat games played on PS. Devs will develop to the lowest powered console so both versions play equally same on both. Unless they develop an entirely different version which will increase cost by a huge margin

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