E3 2013 – Your Press Conference Schedules

With just 2 weeks before E3 players are expecting gameplay reveals from the big companies during their press conferences. With so many press conferences here are the schedules of them for you to organize yourself.

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mrmancs2020d ago

Less than 2 weeks isn't it? The countdown has begun!

_QQ_2020d ago

Apple will dominante this year.

isarai2020d ago

Word! green apples are refreshing as FUCK!!

Software_Lover2020d ago

Anticipating a great E3 for everyone.

And on that note........

I'm thinking about selling my studio workstation and getting me a custom laptop rig off of that malibal website, lol. Random thought of the day.

ThatCanadianGuy5142020d ago

Love it.My favorite time of the year.
Brings back those giddy feelings of christmas and halloween as kid.

Lucreto2020d ago

I want to know how long Sony's conference is.

If I am staying up to watch it as 2am. I need to know how much coffee I will need.

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The story is too old to be commented.