E.T Atari game burial ground to be excavated

A Canadian film production company have free reign of what they claim to be the burial site of Atari's 1982 flop. A documentary is to be made.

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Godmars2902024d ago

The final seal is about to be broken...

Heisenburger2024d ago

The horsemen shall ride...

mydyingparadiselost2024d ago

"And there shall be a One that strives to rule over all others, and in it's shadow a great evil will be unearthed to spread blight, disease and awful gameplay upon the land." So it is written....

MysticStrummer2024d ago

lol I was going to post about a zombie outbreak radiating outwards from the excavation site, but I like the Revelations angle better.

Relientk772024d ago

I wonder how many Atari cartridges they will find lol

Perjoss2024d ago

I'd quite like to have one

ceballos77mx2024d ago

These will become instant collectors, I guess the dirtier the more valuable.

Blank2024d ago

Damn never thought this would happen im pretty pumped for more info on this documentary this burial of cartridges are a big piece of gaming history.

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