Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of March 22nd

PS3 Fanboy writes: "More games! While the US doesn't get Gran Turismo 5: Prologue until next week, they have Dark Sector as a consolation prize. What's the consolation prize for that? Here's the full release list:

US Games:

Dark Sector [Free digital comic at]
Viking: Battle for Asgard [Circuit City is offering a free $10 gift card with purchase.]

EU Games:

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
Everybody's Golf: World Tour
Viking: Battle for Asgard
40GB PS3 + GT5: Prologue

Asian Games:

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
The Golden Compass

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heyheyhey3917d ago


big week for Europe this week- GT5P would be enough, but there's also the best golf game around and a decent hack n slash

not bad for Americans too

very dry week for Japs though

Lifendz3917d ago

I thought the PS3 had no games? I thought that it was just waitstation.

Fanboys miss out.

PSN: Lifendz

heyheyhey3917d ago

lol yeah

"youz sony trollz haf no gaymes, al ur gaymes suck nd dey look lyk ass compaired 2 360 gaimes kthxbye"

above sentence is an example of something us PS3 owners have had to get used to on the interwebz

sonarus3917d ago

lol lets try to look away and let the past be the past. PS3 clearly has games now and fantastic games too. This is the ultimate yr to get a ps3. Ps3 provides an excellent blu ray player plus a broad spectrum of games to satisfy the thirst of any gamers

Spinner3917d ago

Make us GT-less folk here in NA proud you lucksack Europeans.

Wildarmsjecht3917d ago

With over a million pre-orders alone not counting PSN downloads...oh, they've already done so. Cant wait to pick this up next week

Amanosenpai3917d ago

Come on, correct me if im wrong but is the first time Europeans get a "substancial" game first... you should edit the "luck" part heh...

PirateThom3917d ago

I have my copy of GT preordered on amazon and I'm going to pick up Everybody's Golf on Saturday, maybe.

crazy250003917d ago

I preordered mine from Amazon too, im so anxious for April 15th to come!!!

resistance1003917d ago

Got GT5:P on pre-order, and i wasn't going to get Everybody's golf until it was cheap, but a nice little £5 bet down the bookies today has left me with £45 to blow so will get it this week as well (thanks Man Utd and Chelsea ^__^)

The Wood3917d ago

im pissed. go buy a 360

resistance1003916d ago

lol gutted whats that 5 league games without a win yet and now down to 3rd? [/joke]

Anyway have a 360 already

The Wood3916d ago

just like being a Tottenham

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The story is too old to be commented.