Spector: Underestimate Nintendo at your peril

"I've been pretty upfront about my enthusiasm for Nintendo. I think we need a company that's dedicated to games. Every time I visit Nintendo, I'm relieved to have spent time in a place where you can just feel how much everyone loves games, and, really, how many times have people written Nintendo off? I think you underestimate them at your peril." - Warren Spector

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PigPen2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

That's funny cause I say the same thing.

yugovega2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

yes people underestimate the best selling video game company ever based on what? 7 months of sales?

@dewan those sales that were more then ps3 or xb360 in the same timeframe. those sales.

deep_fried_bum_cake2000d ago

I'm pretty sure that that's not true. The Wii U definitely was ahead earlier in the year in a similar time frame but I think it's fallen below them as it has been selling terrible since then.

Canary2000d ago

A lot of people do.

But, for all its success, Nintendo has made a lot of mistakes and has (seemingly) failed to recognize or learn from those mistakes.

It's easy to look at the Wii and say, "don't worry, Nintendo will turn things around with the WiiU the same way they did with the 3DS!"

...But Nintendo really hasn't given any indication that they recognize the WiiU is faltering, and given their fairly poor handling of the Wii--particularly in North America--it seems very difficult to invest any real confidence in Nintendo's future without relying exclusively on blind faith.

truechainz1999d ago

"...But Nintendo really hasn't given any indication that they recognize the WiiU is faltering"

I'm not saying Nintendo is doing all the right things to solve problems, but to say they haven't indicated anything is wrong is just a result of not paying attention. Iwata has publicly apologized for the launch and game issues at least for times since November, and we have been receiving updates pretty regularly to solve many issues. Not to mention that we know the development teams are working harder than ever, and there have been more changes in the past 7 months to Nintendo's departmental structure than in the lifetime of the Wii altogether. I think they are trying to fix problems, but they are just not easy problems to fix plain and simple. Now it is Nintendo's own fault that they are dealing with some of those in the first place but now they need to just keep doing whatever they can to fix them.

zalanis2000d ago

I wonder what he knows

Moncole2000d ago

Many people hate Nintendo because they think it makes them a hardcore gamer when it make to the opposite. Nintendo makes some of the best games and people complain and when they make loved games exclusives like Baynonetta 2 or three Sonic games people still complain.

yugovega2000d ago

those games aren't hardcore anymore because they are on the wiiu. you didn't get the memo? any game that's exclusive to wiiu is casual instantly and if they get a multiplatform game then it isn't as good as this multiplatform game that didn't come to wiiu.

Shok2000d ago

People can't detect sarcasm lol.

MilkMan2000d ago

We ALL grew up on Nintendo. Even Bill Gates.

GrumpyGamer2000d ago

considering that the first Nintendo system didn't drop until 1985 and Bill gates was born in 1955 I think that's unlikely lol

jakmckratos2000d ago

Dude Epic Mickey sucked. Why would I listen to a guy who couldn't even make a successful franchise that started on the Wii?

MegaLagann1999d ago

You're right! This clown is the same guy who made Deus Ex, quite possibly one of the greatest games ever made, what does he know? *Rolls eyes*

jakmckratos1999d ago

Yeah. 'm not commenting on his entire career. I'm making a point that he hasn't been able to exactly make a successful franchise upon Nintendo systems as of late. Deus Ex has always been for higher tech consoles. Epic Mickey sucked. It was created for the Wii. It was bad. So was it's sequel. Specter gets to talk about the power of the Wii U when he is able to make(AND NOT PORT) a decent title for the Nintendo consoles.

And who even does asterisk actions? What is this 2004? *Lets out a long fart*

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