Deep Silver and 4A Games Hail Critical Acclaim and Early Sales Success for Metro: Last Light

Deep Silver today announced that Metro: Last Light has enjoyed a stunning first week of sales, significantly outselling its predecessor Metro 2033 over the same launch period, and earning stellar reviews from the gaming media on all three platforms.

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MegaMohsi2020d ago

kudos to 4A, great game and I can't wait until those single player DLC packs come out!

ftwrthtx2020d ago

They did a great job on this game.

Salooh2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Good game ^^ , But they need to evolve if they want to be big. I don't think this game fit for next generation though. Make graphics stunning and the gameplay more survival then shooting. I had a few times where i was scared to attack the beasts. I just go to corner and shoot them in there xD . More of this with what i said and they will be famous :) ..

Robbert_jansen2020d ago

wait are you complaining about the graphics?
on one of the most beautiful games of all time?

Salooh2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Some places look good but the art style is too simple in my eyes. I can imagine it much better then this on next generation if they make a new engine and try to make that kind of art style look more realistic with great visuales to improve the look of the gameplay and add more survival stuff to make it scary and hard. Metro have potential to be like TLOU..

I don't mean anything bad toward the game. I love it. This talk is more like a good wish or advice. :)

aliengmr2020d ago

New engines cost money. LOTS of money.

What they have is good enough. Their focus needs to be doing exactly what they are doing, nothing more.

Throwing money at useless "shiny" stuff kills franchises. They have a formula and it works.

Jovanian 2020d ago

good news, lets hope deep silver know how to manage this gem of a developer 4A games, because so far deep silvers put out nothing but crap

Genuine-User2020d ago

These guys deserve all the success. It was such a dark and gritty game.

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