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It's Too Early To Judge Microsoft Xbox One And Sony PlayStation 4

Forbes - These days, negative press is what seems to drive the game “journalism” business. And I use that term lightly, as there seems to be a lot of writing without any real reporting — whether that’s “borrowing” quotes from work others have done and regurgitated them for headline grabs or finding multiple negative angles around a story in an attempt to garner hits from fan boys (a term called nerd baiting).

The Internet and social media have literally made everyone a critic and given everyone a voice, both for good and for bad. Unfortunately, the days of editors and ethics in journalism seems like it’s mostly a thing of the past – much like print. (E3, Microsoft, Nintendo, PlayStation, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

gamerlive  +   606d ago
At the end of the day, it's the gamers that will win when it comes to next gen consoles.
BadboyCivic  +   606d ago
Yeh, but one of the console is not intended for gamers
SideShort  +   606d ago
Arai  +   606d ago
When you look at things from a gaming perspective it's rather easy to judge them both.

While they both have a handful of studios, one has more games output than the other:

It's a gaming machine, all that matters is the games. Everything else is an added bonus but not a necessity.
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Gildarts  +   606d ago
They are going to invest a billion dollars in games. What do you mean the Xbox One is not "intended" for gamers?


Microsoft has a lot more secret projects and studios then that.

23 game studios, while Sony has 15.

Source: Wikipedia

OT, Very well said. We can make our conclusions after E3. And yes we've been saying "Wait for E3" for years. but this is the first time that Microsoft themselves are coming out and saying it. Even going as far as saying "we will kill Sony at E3". And their game studios grew to 23 in total, that is more then enough evidence.
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UNGR  +   606d ago
Really? It has games on it. It has features, and a few negative implementations. Microsoft hasn't even been very clear on them, they change their mind every two seconds. But give them until E3 at least, this behavior is childish. If we're judging it that harshly from a reveal, how on Earth did the PS3 survive it's launch? Because it turned itself around, and succeeded. We don't know near enough to make the slightest bit of an opinion on this console. I wouldn't be surprised if they played "the good guy card" at E3 and ditched DRM, and used game fees entirely.
ThanatosDMC  +   605d ago

How much would be wasted on advertising? Remember how much money was wasted on the piece of crap Kinect?
miyamoto  +   606d ago
video game consoles of today evolve be it for better or worse
dedicatedtogamers  +   606d ago
Why is it too early?

I've had since 2005 to see how Microsoft and Sony handled their last consoles. Are people really so naive to think that if we just "wait 'til E3" or "wait 'til launch" or "wait 'til 18 months after launch" that the system will magically contradict the philosophies we've been seeing Sony and Microsoft follow for years?
FlunkinMonkey  +   605d ago
Well said.. some people are in complete denial. Past E3's have shown MS to almost entirely forget about their consumers with concerns to games.

Look how Sony are treating their PS3 consumer fan-base compared to MS and 360, even in the leading up to next-gen, its absolutely shocking,

"wait for E3, wait for E3", all you guys seem to want to do is wait, how long have you been waiting? If you're revealing a games console, why aren't you revealing games?

Each to their i own i guess, this is just my opinion after all.. you can play what you want.. I used to own a 360, but sold it for these reasons..
ZodTheRipper  +   605d ago
In the end, gamers probably will come back to Playstation anyway. But one must be very short-sighted and naive to make that mistake in the first place. The 360 had the advantage that it was cheaper and earlier available. But those factors can't the save the One this time.
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fermcr  +   605d ago
At this moment... both the PS4 and X1 suck due their restrictions: no backwards compatibility (disk games and XBLA/PSN games), DRM online for both consoles, allways online (for X1).

Seriously... Next gen isn't looking that great to me.
shuuwai  +   605d ago
welcome to the world of EA, enjoy your stay.
Overall, I'll get the ps4 first, and I will also get the X1, basic on 3 things, not always online, game block isn't in the console, cam CAN be turn OFF without unplugging the console.(F ms kinect!)
CustardTrout  +   606d ago
I agree, though I raged like a mofo at the reveal if I'm honest
elhebbo16  +   606d ago
I hope everything gets cleared up at E3, for the sake of gaming.
Atneus  +   606d ago
Guys let's be honest. PC gaming is where it's at.
Atneus  +   603d ago
Pffffft hhhheeeeeeeeeee
True_Samurai  +   606d ago
They're both are gonna be freaking awesome!
Kingthrash360   606d ago | Bad language | show
Software_Lover  +   606d ago
Of course it is, but people were salivating before the reveal hoping for a slip up so they could bash. There were also people salivating for the reveal hoping for something phenomenal so they could gloat. I think the former got the upper hand that day.
o-Sunny-o  +   606d ago
I'm ready for E3 badly i want Last of Us multiplayer details, PS4 details, and Vita!! ^~^
Insomnia_84  +   606d ago
The title should be "It's Too Early To Judge Microsoft Xbox One" as it clearly is in full defense of that console. They threw "And Sony Playstation 4" in there to not sound bias but hey! It's Forbes! What else can you expect? ;D
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UNGR  +   606d ago
This is N4G, what else could you expect? No doubt with the bias in the comments here. So I have to ask what makes you any better than Forbes? A nice case of double standards, good job kiddo.
Insomnia_84  +   605d ago
No bias, no doble standards. It's pretty clear which system GAMERS want. It's obvious that MS will show games at e3 and Sony will show even more. Both companies have shown their systems and some features. PS4' s features are all about gaming. Xbox One's features are all about kinect and tv, on top of that there's the whole always-online, no used games, no bc, even more money for online, etc.

Many are hoping things will change after e3 for MS but honestly, I believe they will be disappointed.
Williamson  +   606d ago
Normally I would agree, but its seems Sony is going to go on a rampage and bring tons of games to the vita,ps4, and even ps3. They probably want to go back to the ps1/ps2 days when they were on top. With all the great studios they built up I can see a lot of great exclusives coming.
Bakkies  +   606d ago
The shear volume of blog-like gaming opinions by "gaming journalists" does make me want to sigh a lot.

But that is freedom of speech and that it great, since it gives a voice to a community. At any one point in time you can feel the pulse of what people are feeling and thinking.

If any amount of control(even quality control) is initiated it would be horrible. Then it would become like global news, where information is filtered to what someone thinks is relevant and removing information he thinks people would be better off not hearing.
_LarZen_  +   606d ago
Microsoft: Forced DRM
Sony: DRM is up to developers

Easy to pick a "winner" in my opinion....
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jimbobbeers  +   605d ago
You know the kid in the playground who would always point the finger..?

That's Sony.
SpinalRemains  +   605d ago
You know the kid in the playground who takes everyone's money? That's Microsoft.
UNGR  +   605d ago
In all honesty with developers wanting DRM more and more, I could see a lot of titles going to X1, and PC exclusively. Greed is a horrible thing, if only developers managed money a little better they wouldn't need every last cent out of the consumer. It's annoying that Microsoft has included it, but from a business perspective they completely took advantage of every developers greed. I put in a great video that explains it way better than I could. I really wish we could have another PS2 era, that would be great. So sick of greed messing up consoles, and developers.

Related video
cyhm3112  +   606d ago
To be honest, the reasons why some gamers choose xbone rather than PS4 is because they are westerners, I can't really think of a reason to choose xbone rather than PS4. On the other hand, I can think of tons of reason choosing PS4 instead.
SpinalRemains  +   605d ago
Absolutely not!

we judge based on what we know.


XO will require internet daily as to implement DRM and subscription fees.

How is any of that too early?

Based on what we know, the two consoles have vastly different views on how to take the gaming experience to the next level.
- SONY elected to focus on games and elected to leave DRM up to publishers. They had their console designed with ease of development of said games in mind and it has a decent amount of power for great games.

- MS has gone the way of telling us what we should do. TV, sports and Kinect and no more borrowing games or sharing.
Halo and CoD again and talking to gameshows!

Too early? How?
rainslacker  +   605d ago
I find it ironic that that first paragraph came from forbes...Maybe I should send them a mirror.
FITgamer  +   605d ago
Uh huh, huh huh Um...No. http://images2.wikia.nocook...
KrisK  +   604d ago
I think whether we agree with them or not, kinda nice to see video game news more out in the mainstream media.

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