ZTGameDomain: Bully: Scholarship Edition Review

ZTGameDomain writes: "I feel ashamed. I am one of the various people who simply passed up on Rockstar's Bully when it released back in 2006, for mostly the same reason as everyone else. Now that I have had time to come to terms with my next-gen consoles Rockstar has found it in their hearts to give me a second chance to enjoy this amazingly addictive title that has stirred more controversy than it deserves. Bully is an open-world game much in the same vein as the company's other series, but with more of a focus on social interactions and of course a lot less violence. With missions ranging from your typical collection marathons to mini-game induced classes Bully takes the genre to a whole new level and surprisingly the gameplay still holds strong nearly two years after its initial release."

+ Inredibly Well Written
+ Plenty to See and Do
+ Interesting Characters
+ Controls are Excellent

- Some Nasty Glitches
- Still Looks Like a PS2 Port

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