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"Almost twenty years ago, Super Metroid released on the Super Nintendo, and it was greeted with great sales and even better reviews. To this day, the game is seen as one of the Super Nintendo's best titles, and one of the best games of all time. Why is this, though? That is what SuperPhillip Central wants to investigate with this very review."

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n4f2026d ago

im sorry giving this 9.5/10 is an insult to everyone.
it doesnt deserve 9.5.
it should be 100 out of 10
yeah i said it 100/10

Phil322026d ago

An insult is not reading the review as to why it was given that score. It's also a waste of my time. Thanks.

herbs2026d ago

Love this game just finished a 100% speed run in a little over an hour my best yet although I am cheating with gamegenie codes. Endless bluesuit code adds a whole new demension to this game :D

PigPen2025d ago

It's getting very good scores.