Xbox One developers will have a monthly 'Gamerscore cap' on new Achievements

Developers will be able to add new Achievements to existing Xbox One titles "every week", Microsoft has revealed, but they will be limited by a monthly cap designed to stop them from "overhwelm[ing] gamers" with additional Gamerscore.

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Snookies121997d ago

That's going to make things crazy... Shouldn't there be a limit to how much you can add achievement/trophy-wise?

biRdy1997d ago

I hope so or having a huge gamerscore will no longer matter.

iGAM3R-VIII1997d ago

This isn't that smart because when you complete a game and you get platinum or the achievemt for getting all of the achievemnts, you will have to redo that trophy to re-get that platinum trophy or achievement

Servbot1997d ago

Are you implying that it ever mattered?

trenso11997d ago

@iGAM3R-VIII not true at all i don't know about xbox but i know that on ps3 any added trophies usually due to dlc dont affect you getting a platinum in that game.

MikeMyers1997d ago

I think this is getting a little out of hand. Now they have restrictions each month. There is a cap on Arcade games and so on. Why not just offer new challenges each month and if one developers is really in tune with the community allow them to do what they want.

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SlavisH21997d ago

you do understand that achievements mean nothing? You aren't going to pick up a hot blond with a 250,000GS or 30 platinum trophies.

Snookies121997d ago

It's still a system used for scoring. What's the point in scoring if there's no balance?

Mr_Nuts1997d ago

Well that's odd because I have three hot blondes that polish my 30 odd platinum trophies and two red heads that count my 250,000GS every day :)

I think your doing something wrong, try switching shampoos or something

FITgamer1997d ago

@SlavisH2 Your right, but going after trophies/achievements give the game more substance. Hell without them there would have been a lot of games i would have just played through once without trying to find any of the Easter Eggs, collectables, or side missions. With your POV you would think you wouldn't play games at all. Playing videos games in general isn't likely to get you laid. It's fun and that's all that matters.

B-radical1997d ago

Its not like developers are gonna add acheievements to the games the entrie llife time of next gen lol

rainslacker1997d ago

I think it's actually a better way to get people to keep their games than restricting 2nd hand sales. Won't work for everyone obviously, but quite a few people do value their gamerscores/trophy count.

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iamlegend99991997d ago

Am i a fucking idiot if this is the only reason i want an xbox one?

TwistedMetal1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

yep basically and its pretty sad to. put yourself in gaming slavery because of achievments. ps4 is the only real choice.

because in the end no more renting games to boost your achievement score or buying used games to get more achievments or being offline to get achievements on the xbox one. achievement whores you basically digging your own grave without even noticing. only the people with a lot of money and no life will be in the top achievements on the xbox one. its not gonna be based on any skill.

Skate-AK1997d ago

The masses have spoken.

Robtherobot20131997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

It's your money, you can do what you want.

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Errefus1997d ago

This is ridiculous....

Qrphe1997d ago

Not as bad as receiving them for watching shows

ArnoldSchwarzenigra1997d ago

Overwhelming gamers? This is annoying to anybody who is not a career gamer. If people want to hunt down achievements, that should be fine. If people don't want to. That should be fine. Enough with the fucking restrictions, Microsoft.

GamersHeaven1997d ago

Awesome name and avatar I just spit my coffee all over my laptop haha.

aviator1891997d ago

How is this a restriction?

jetlian1997d ago

So this is how MS plans to keep people playing games longer.

Salooh1997d ago

Actually , this means MS want you to watch tv more lol

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