Top 5 Video Games For The Summer 2013

The Tyuno Project: "It’s that time of year again, summer is just around the corner. School is out and the kids are looking to play some video games. It seems that this year we will see a ton of top tier games for this upcoming sun blazing season. So with that being said, I figure that I would list my top 5 video games for the summer of 2013 that I believe everyone will enjoy."

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fsfsxii1996d ago

Injustice, Payday the heist, TLOU, DOA5, TTT2, SSFIV, Steam games, Beyond, Tales of Graces f, Ni Nu Kuni, Tales of Xillia, Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, probably gonna buy a 3DS for the JRPGs.
Busy summer, eh?
Thats my list though

Canary1996d ago

Let's see... my list for this summer includes:

Tales of Xilia
Shin Megami Tensei IV
Wasteland 2

And... that's it.

Probably looking forward to Wasteland 2 the most, as I already know pretty much what I'll be getting with the other two titles.

And, of course, I've still gotta play the hell out of the Zelda Oracle games and Donkey Kong on my 3DS, and should probably grab that Soul Sacrifice game so I can use my Vita for something in this long drought until Ys.

...Which reminds me of all the Ys games in my steam backlog.

rextraordinaire1996d ago

My summer list would be:

Tales of Xillia
Dragon's Crown

They both get released on august 6. Gonna be a tough choice, but my hype is leaning towards Dragon's Crown at the moment. Tales is sure to be great and all, but it's sure to be a lot like every other Tales games around, and I'm itching for a new series.