Geoff Keighley: PS4 and Xbox One E3 conferences will be the strongest in years

10 days until E3. Based on what I'm hearing both the Xbox and PS4 press confs will be the strongest in years. Lots of games and surprises.

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MegaMohsi2027d ago

I mean yeah they're unveiling new consoles and games so I would assume it's the strongest since 2006/2007 when the last consoles were launched.

Hufandpuf2027d ago

E3 2011 was pretty strong.

zeal0us2027d ago

E3 2011 was pretty weak tbh far consoles and handheld goes. The WiiU got unveiled but really didn't grab a lot of attention.

NewMonday2027d ago

reading today about Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF13VS exclusive to the PS4, and Respawns new game to the XB1

millgate12027d ago

But a tonne of games were release / announced. It was a great year for gamers.

blitz06232027d ago

There hasn't been a good E3 in years. In fact some of Sony's other conferences like GDC has been better

abzdine2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

He doesn't know anything about what is gonna be announced but it's pretty obvious that this e3 is gonna be huge due to the very near release of next gen consoles.
Let's see in 10 days

@blitz0623: I think the last two Sony e3 conferences have been pretty huge. Only games and going straight to the point.
this year's e3 could be the best one in years, well for Sony at least.

Hufandpuf2027d ago

Bioshock Infinite
Battlefield 3
Resistance 3
Twisted Metal
Deus Ex HR
Tomb Raider
Far Cry 3
AC Revelations
Prey 2

How was that not strong?

RiPPn2027d ago

Microsoft's E3 2011 I believe goes down as one of the worst. That was the year they focused heavily on Kinect.

DragonKnight2027d ago

All I have to say is

Shut up Keighley.

This guy's mouth has been running too much lately and he's solely responsible for some major FUD lately too.

There's no way he knows what E3's going to be like, and yet he thinks he has the authority to say the conferences will be the strongest in years?

Judging from how weak they've been the past few years, that's not exactly a stretch to say.

ZodTheRipper2027d ago

He's a game journalist, he knows more than you think. Not everything, but probably enough to make such claim.

DragonKnight2027d ago

@zod: Just because he's a game journalist doesn't mean he knows anything about E3.

Foliage2027d ago

Sony has been strong for years; but Microsoft has not had a good one in forever. Heck, I can only think of one good one they ever had.

They just lack enticing games; right about now the console is nearly unsupported.

MikeMyers2027d ago


"Shut up Keighley."

Why should he? Why can't anybody be excited for E3? He also knows a lot more than you and I of what to expect since he is constantly in contact with developers and Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

Lots of people are excited, it's a new generation.

Anarki2027d ago

In recent news, sh*t found in woods police have related it to bears.

DragonKnight2027d ago

@MikeMyers: It isn't about excitement for E3. Everyone is excited for E3. Goeff is just a douchebag shill who likes to run his mouth. How many times has he spread FUD? How many times has he ruined the VGA's? This is the guy who allegedly has an unnamed "source" that tells him Sony has a DRM solution. Said source can't go into detail and people are supposed to take Keighley's word for it? This guy is the poster boy for what is wrong with gaming journalism. Frickin' Doritosgate is the biggest piece of proof their is.

And again, just because he's a video game journalist, doesn't mean he knows ANYTHING about MS and Sony's conferences. What would make him so special out of far superior and better connected journalists like Madam Sessler or Victor Lucas (who's responsible for giving Keighley the huge break he needed by pitying him enough to put him on EP)?

Keighley doesn't know anything. I would bet Rupees from LoZ if they were real.

NumOnePS3FanBoy2026d ago

@DragonKnight Yeah Mr Geoff MS deep in the ass, mountain dew, doritos lovin, ad infested Keighley has become the laughing stock of game journalism

brave27heart2026d ago

I dont have a problem with him being excited for E3, its just that in all the pictures of him he looks souless. At least look excited instead of gormless. Even his name, Geoff, is pretty dull.

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Thatguy-3102027d ago

I'm honestly psyched. No matter for who you're rooting for, this time around it will feel like E3 should always feel. Excitement for new announcements will take center stage. Microsoft and Sony would have demolished the Nintendo conference with this type of hype.

Blastoise2027d ago

It's a shame Nintendo aren't doing a conference.

The big 3 conferences are what E3's all about

Mr_Nuts2027d ago


I know right, it's not like they don't have anything to show. They have a ton of games to announce and show off.

Triforce0792027d ago

This guy loves xbox and sony so much it's un true he must have a pull over them every morning hate the guy.

GREW50ME2027d ago

^^^this. Jeff Keighley is an ass kissing jerkoff who made a career out of maintaining the status quo. Steam should start going to e3 and rocking the consoles off the market!

adorie2027d ago

I hope he isn't comparing these conferences to the strength of a Doritos chip.

MrBeatdown2027d ago

The conferences will taste like awesome feels!

*chugs Mountain Dew*

from the beach2026d ago

The guy's blood is Mountain Dew, of course he's excited.

showtimefolks2027d ago

Geoff you need to keep your mouth shut sometimes, we know E3 2013 will be very strong its given because new consoles and bunch of new Ip's will be shown off

now go do the pre E3 show on spike and give us some world exclusives

MariaHelFutura2027d ago

Bring all the Doritoes you can eat and all the Mountain Dew you can stomach. E3 2013 is gonna be great!!!

Psn8002026d ago

Let the games begin .

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majiebeast2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Take everything Keighley says with a bag of salt its for your own good. He has a history of hyping up everything.

Right now he is captain obvious though new console generation ofcourse its gonna be the best in years.

Smurf12027d ago

It doesn't matter what he's saying though. Since a new console generation is starting, it will be awesome by default!

Hands Up For Games2027d ago

Kinecting Giant Enemy Crabs together.



OccludedGamer2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Usually I'd agree but Keighley is pretty much a walking curse. When he says there's something be excited about it usually means there is nothing to be excited about.

Your right it will be awesome by default, but that just makes this the first time Keighley can actually be right about what to look forward to.

dumahim2027d ago

Yeah. I think he's fine for interviews or smiling for the camera and showing off something new for a company, but I just cannot accept any opinions he may have. He just seems like a spokesperson for whoever will pay him to talk about their product. Just seems like a conflict of interest.

With that said, this is probably a no brainer.

Prcko2027d ago

Blody Roar pretty please

Prcko2027d ago

how the f*** did i miss this??
thx,buble time :)

MRMagoo1232027d ago


Buble time? you like michael buble too ? nice

Inception2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Eleven years since BR 4 on PS2 T_T. And that would be super cool if the rumor is true. Imagine my Alice with PS4 graphic >:D
Thx for the info Dark11, and bubs+ too :)

NYC_Gamer2027d ago

The Lord of Doritos speaks

neoandrew2027d ago

and The Ruler of Mountain Dew

Majin-vegeta2027d ago

Of course we know on Sony's side it will be.M$ on the other hand not so sure.