The Fails of Xbox One

The Xbox One has had a stymied beginning. Why can’t Microsoft clear these things up?

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iGAM3R-VIII1971d ago

As soon as the MS event and Sony event have both finished, every gamer has the right to make a choice and no one on N4G can say "wait until E3" or "Nothing is official"

E3 here we come!!

BattleAxe1971d ago

"The Many Fails of Xbox Gone"


B-radical1971d ago

%100 true this will make or break xbox one and ps4 for the new year

warewolfSS1971d ago

That would make too much sense...

LackTrue4K1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

xbox owners only yearly warcry!!!

""""WAIT FOR E3"""

B-radical1971d ago

why do you have 1 bubble?

okmrman1969d ago

remember your war cry back in the early days of the ps3?

wait till next year, wait beyond?

stage881971d ago

This thing is a disaster.

warewolfSS1971d ago

You and your bubble are deff a good source of gaming, and someone that others should take seriously in discussions.

B-radical1971d ago

Hahah i have noticed alot of xbox trolls have 1 bubble

MultiConsoleGamer1971d ago

Because they don't want to.

They don't want to admit the awful truth.

And quite honestly, the always on Kinect camera scares the sh** out of me. I simply don't want that thing or any other camera in my living room.

Foxhound9221971d ago

Fail levels are over 9000!

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