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"If you choose not to snap this one up, then you truly can't be forgiven. It's very rarely that we see a game to be completely perfect and lack any flaws, but it looks like that game has come about once again." - Nintendo Feed

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Neonridr1697d ago

If any Wii U owners did not purchase this when it was 30 cents, you have my pity.

I love playing these VC games on the gamepad. Makes it feel more retro.

maniacmayhem1697d ago

The best Metroid game and probably one of the best games I have ever played.

Super Metroid did so much right, it is truly an amazing game.

Moonman1697d ago

It was so ahead of it's time. EPIC!

PigPen1697d ago

A perfect score, what!

Kos-Mos1697d ago

This is what gaming is about, not cod, gow, gears, killzone, gta, skyrim, halo, me, fifa, unchartered type of teenager games.

rytlok1697d ago

i would love to see this redone in hd that would be amazing looking

Neonridr1697d ago

did you ever see the video some guy did about remastering one image from Super Metroid? Give it a watch, this guy should be hired to help.

rytlok1697d ago

yeah i seen that its amazing looking...people should put a petition together for it and see what happens

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