Microsoft praises Sony's digital strategy, promises Minecraft-style hits on Xbox One

"I absolutely look at us embracing and including those smaller experiences," says Phil Spencer. [OXM]

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majiebeast1964d ago

More Microsoft empty promises. They should just shut up till E3 they are digging a pretty big hole for themselves. Let your actions speak.

Convas1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

How are these empty promises? They have indeed been doing a good job on XBLA/smaller scale releases, and whilst they do have more work to do on the indie front (Allowing self-publishing [which has it's pros and cons] get rid of some of the ridiculous cert. and patching/TU fees), they haven't been a total wash on that front.

You're sounding needlessly angry.

dirigiblebill1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

They've certainly got pedigree where downloadable stuff is concerned, but all the good will has evaporated of late.

I like it when execs actually acknowledge a competitor's achievements. Makes them seem more human.

Utalkin2me1964d ago

No MS is sounding needless and angry. Seems they have hit the first few stages of jealousy.

Mounce1963d ago

Because 'promises Minecraft-style hits on Xbox One' is a promise they can't keep. Minecraft is Minecraft, it sells a shitload.

You really think a company like Microsoft knows how to predict or make a game that knowingly will get as many hits as fucking Minecraft? They're business men in suits before they are gamers. The only thing they will see is Numbers. They will see Call of Duty, they see Sports, oh...wait...that was already proven at the recent event.

Microsoft can't promise Hits, when their employees that matter don't even know what their fucking customers want. Apple knows, Nintendo Poorly knows, Sony knows, Microsoft does whatever they think gets them the most profit while blindly seeking THAT and TELLING their customers that that's what you want.

That MEANS....They're TELLING you that everything they have in store is what You want, no matter what you say, everything they do is perfect, predicted and that you are Predictable and thus, profitable on that. The problem is? I'm praying they're wrong, the only time they're going to be proven right is if tons of people buy their console as people have with Kinect

But yea, the only 'Hitters' are Call of Duty, Sprots, WoW annnnnnd that's it. Not even Halo seems to have as much thunder as it used to.

GameCents1964d ago

You don't deserve your avatar.
Microsoft says sony isn't their only competition: N4G goes up in arms.
Microsoft says they'll be gunning for SONY come E3: N4G goes up in arms.
Microsoft praises SONY: N4G goes up in arms.

You shills can't be satisfied.

Studio-YaMi1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

So much anger issues with you .. not just this comment but a couple more in the last two weeks or so.

Take some time off N4G,it's not the only place for gaming news you know !

Chill for Gods sake ! :0

majiebeast1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Your welcome to leave any day and noone would miss you.

The amount of new Xbone fanboys on this site is pretty funny.

saint_seya1964d ago

Actually i find cool this kind of behavior #microsof comment on sony digital distribution# .. BTW dont put all N4G people in the same bag, as not all ms fans are like greepowers, not all sony users are like capone or whatever is his name.

Skips1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )


I wouldn't call one comment "N4G going up in arms".

You obviously just read that ONE comment on this page and didn't bother to read the rest. -___-

As a matter of fact, more people are "up in arms" about this comment than anything else. lol

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fermcr1964d ago

XBLA does have better games (exclusives) then PSN this generation, but next gen it's probably going to change since a lot of indies are going for the PS4.

RiPPn1963d ago

I'm not sure that's entirely true. PSN had Journey which was last years GOTY. And if you look at IGNs top 30 PSN games:


and compare it to their top XBLA games:


Several listed in the XBLA list are also found on PSN. Personally I think both had a great library which is why it sucks they aren't backward compatible to the new consoles.

JsonHenry1964d ago

"Smaller experiences".. that statement alone shows how out of touch they are with Indie devs and their contempt for them.

ape0071964d ago

like 1080p and 120 fps?

MikeMyers1964d ago

They say something positive about Sony and how they embrace smaller studios and yet people still come back with negative attitudes about them. Lol

creepjack1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

yeah, this unfortunately sums up a large chunk of the N4G community. It doesn't matter Microsoft does, no matter how awesome, they will be overly negative about it, just like they will praise Sony for anything they do, regardless of how foolish it may be.They are the definitive example of Fanboy Sheep.

AngelicIceDiamond1963d ago

Yeah then you have someone like Majin telling people to leave. There you go, keep this place pro-Sony.

Kick out anybody with decent sense or is an allege "Xbone fan."

Anybody that defends MS is a raging fanboy now, ok that's cool.


Its nice to see someone in MS headquarters praising Sony on something that they really improved on this gen. Hopefully we see some more games like that's epic like Journey on PS4.

N311V1963d ago

It is sad I agree but I remember during the first few years of this gen (the first half even) Sony fans were attacked left right and centre on this site. I'd dare say the majority of Sony fans are overly defensive due to this. MS has dropped the ball and now the shoe is on the other foot. Sucks for MS fans but I can't feel sorry for you guys.

iamgoatman1963d ago


I always laugh when people say Sony fans were attacked or Xbox fans ran the site way back when. I've been here longer than you, and this isn't even my first account, and as far back as I can remember this place has ALWAYS been PS fan central.

rainslacker1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Or rather, fan boys on both sides of the fence get all up in arms when one or two commenters have negative attitudes, and then suddenly it's the entire user base on the respective sides which control the site.

Here's an example

It really irks me when everyone on this site says that everyone else on this site does something that they don't approve of.

Calling out hypocrisy just shows you can't comment on the topic at hand, or you don't have a strong argument. I can understand calling out a single person, but to generalize an entire fan base isn't the mark of a strong debater.

MikeMyers1963d ago


My comment was in reply to the very first comment, hence the reply button. Mind telling us who you're replying to and what it is you're here to discuss? This topic is about Microsoft saying they like Sony's view on the digital space with games like Journey. Only to have the very first comment that they should just shut up and stop digging themselves deeper.

So again, mind telling us what you're here to add?

Outside_ofthe_Box1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

***"My comment was in reply to the very first comment"***

Then why say "people"? You might have meant the first guy in particular, but it's not like it's totally unreasonable for him or others to think you may have meant N4G in general. You did use the word "people" after all. The other people that replied to you seemed to think you meant the community as well.

Nonetheless rainslacker is spot on about what goes around here. People read one to a couple of comments and off that they come to some conclusion about a particular group of fans or N4G in general in an attempt to call out hypocrisy.

I bet most can't single out a particular individual which is why they resort to using generalizations as it makes it easier for them.

rainslacker1963d ago

You're right, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have called you out directly like I did.

Given how many comments I've seen over the past week about "Sony fans do this", "Xbox fans do that" I think I just became a bit annoyed without really seeing the context of your comment.

So I strike everything after the first paragraph, stand by the rest, but with no relation to you, and apologize for my quick judgement.

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dirigiblebill1964d ago

I'd be very surprised if they weren't agitating to completely break Minecraft Xbox 360 off from the PC version, and run it as a standalone console experience. They're already introducing the odd Xbox-exclusive feature.

Sanquine901964d ago

I think this is refreshing to hear:) Really professional:D

Axe991963d ago

+1 - I really dislike when the companies take swipes at each other. I know it's a highly competitive industry, but while I like the PS3 to the 360 (noting that both are great - if you can't have fun on either, try a different hobby) some of the things Sony have said in the last little while are pushing the boundaries. MS i hardly as pure as the driven snow either, of course.

More quality comments from platform holder executives like this - bring gamers together I say!

Sanquine901962d ago

Why the hell are you getting downvotes... Sometimes i hate N4g because people who tell the thruth get downvoted. I only upvote because downvote is so meh

sway_z1964d ago

Nice of MS to acknowledge Sony....

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