That pile of bones was once a Dragon’s Crown adventurer

Dragon’s Crown has a Demon’s Souls kind of system where you can find fallen players in your game. Adventurers appear as a pile of bones that you can pick up and bring back to Hydeland and revive them.

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rextraordinaire2025d ago

Every day gets us closer to the 6th of august. :)

jacksonmichael2025d ago

Dragon's Crown and Xillia! Yeah!

FamilyGuy2025d ago

I read about this over a year ago and hoped they kept the feature after all the publishers switching stuff.
Great news.

thirtyandnerdy2025d ago

Admittedly this game has only truly popped up on my radar as of late. It's great to hear about features like this, as they make the game sound more interesting than ever before (I love hybrid/pseudo multiplayer modes in games)! I really need to catch up on everything this title has to offer!

miyamoto2025d ago

i told you guys. Demon's Souls has influence on this baby

Nodoze2025d ago

Proving that great games DO find an audience. Demons souks influenced dragons dogma as well.

Cannot wait for this one!