Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo Direct Trailer

Monster Hunter 4, due for release on Nintendo 3DS in Japan on September 19th, got a new trailer during today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct. Check it out below:

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Blacktric2000d ago

Looks worse than 3U actually. At least they're adding a decent amount of new content and features to make the purchase justifiable.

MattyG2000d ago

Keep in mind that this is meant to be seen on a 3-4 inch screen, but it's being stretched to fit a full PC screen.

killcycle2000d ago

can we please inaly get a decent Monster Hunter on the Playstation? They completely skipped the Ps3 here in the UK & the US, I've had to play Unite on my old PSP.

A new one on the Ps4 would be crazy!

Blacktric1999d ago

"Keep in mind that this is meant to be seen on a 3-4 inch screen"

And the textures still look horrible in comparison to 3U trailers and even gameplay videos recorded by players themselves.

Canary1999d ago

But it has online play, doesn't it? That alone might make it worthwhile, or at least less mind-numbingly tedious.

Sanquine902000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

No offense, but i think this should be on the vita. This is my opinion but i think the two analog sticks are perfect for this.

For the information : i have a 3DS

chestnut11222000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

More like these Should be Better on the Vita and Wii U. Anyway, MH's Contract expires after these MH4 so I expect they would return to SONY's territory where they would look better. :) Too bad they're capabilities limited because of the 3ds. MH3ds looks like the same as MH portable 3rd in PSP.

Sanquine902000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

It's not about sony but its because the handheld version does not appeal to me. The wii U version is of MH 3 Ultimate superb ( i also have a Wii U :) Suprised?)

I know people really disagree with me because i do not share their platform of choice with this game

chestnut11222000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

I own a Wii U and a PS Vita, I sold My 3ds because MH is the only reason I bought it. Too bad MH In 3ds Looks just awful. Sony is where MH really belong just saying.

BullyMangler2000d ago

the vita aint even got a Slider-Pad, vita got its prickly joysticks for the kids to be able to play their 1st person shooters.
Monster Hunter better played with a slider-pad like the 3DS's made for adventure games Like Monster Hunter. .

p.s. . . the vid you just saw is a blown up version of its original form which will be displayed on the 3DS, so of course it looks blocky.

TechnicianTed2000d ago

If I went into a Vita article and banged on about how such and such a game would be better on the 3ds I'd expect to get marked down for trolling or being off topic.

Who cares why you think it would be better on the Vita, the fact is this article isn't about the game being on the Vita because it's not on the Vita.

Take your crap elsewhere.

chestnut11222000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

No Kid, Reality states that It would look and will be better on the Vita than the 3ds would ever be. Open Your Eyes. Delusional fanboys are the only ones who will says MH in 3ds would look and will be better than the Vita version FYI.

MasterCornholio2000d ago

And which Vita game would be better on the 3DS?

Because as far as i know the Vita is a lot more powerful than the 3DS and the only thing the 3DS has is an extrascreen and 3D (talking about hardware only).

TechnicianTed2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

I don't really care, kid, there are loads of console games that would look and play a hell of a lot better on my pc, but it's pointless going into articles about those console games and pointing it out.

I would rightly get marked as trolling. You obviously can't see the point I'm making, kid.

Seems to be one rule for a certain group on this site, and another rule for everyone else.


You can't see the point I'm making either obviously, right over your head. Why am I not surprised.

Sanquine902000d ago

UUhm i refer to : MH was a PSP exclusive ^^ Sorry for making you mad. I just said i would like it to be on vita. Uuhm at a lot of articles ( maybe not on this site) i hear 3ds guys say oowh persona 4 should come to 3ds. You dont hear me cry about that:)

You sir need to relax a bit ;) and for the information im a wii u owner and a 3ds owner ;) So i can have an opinion about that ;)

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Canary1999d ago

Er... controlling the camera manually via shoulder buttons or via another analog stick... these are both really crappy solutions to MonHan's chief problem.

The only thing MonHan4 needs is a decent lock-on mechanic.

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Trago13372000d ago

The 3DS has so many games, good god....

demonsoul2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Yeah Right, lots of Mario 1,2,3 an so on and lots of zelda 1,2,3 and so on an lots of pokemon 1,2 and 3 LOL!
Just the same prequels and sequels all over again.

Trago13372000d ago

Is there anything wrong with sequels? As long as they are good iterations, there's nothing to complain about really, not to mention you left out the TONS of third party exclusives that the system has and is getting, wish I could say the same for Vita....

jcnba282000d ago

Hey buddy no need to get mad over the fact that 3DS is practically destroying the Vita is every possible way. The Vita is a good handheld, just not as good as the 3DS.

MoveTheGlow2000d ago

If you're dissing Fire Emblem: Awakening for being a sequel, your argument is invalid, and you should just go play it.

New IP doesn't mean a new game. How many different IPs out there spawned the same old crap with a different coat of paint? I'd rather a new Mario from their Tokyo studio than a samey shooter with a new story on one of the big consoles any day. A new Advance Wars over a totally original Kinect game. "Amy" was a new IP, too, you know.

And you have the name @demonsoul. If that's in relation to Demon's Souls, you probably appreciate a difficult but fair title, something challenging. Luckily, the DS and 3DS are the only places you can get Etrian Odyssey or its offshoots like The Dark Spire or SMT: Strange Journey. Get on that!

demonsoul2000d ago

Vita has alot of unique and underrated games compared to 3ds.

Trago13372000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Good Lord, I'm not trying to turn this in to a debate lol, I like the idea of Vita right now, and I agree that some games in it's library are underrated, BUT it is possible to enjoy BOTH of the handhelds you know.

For me, and I'm speaking in terms of my self NOT everyone, the Vita isn't worth the high price tag, because is lacks a killer app, and I'm not talking about good games like Gravity Rush or Persona 4, I'm talking about those kinds of games that just about EVERY review site and Forum unanimously agree that the game in question is of the quality to justify the purchase of the hardware it's on.

The vita DOES NOT have that game, yet. But I hope it will. While the 3DS does have a killer app. Kingdom Heats 3D, Fire Emblem, and Pokemon are the reasons I bought the system, and there are a TON of other great games to choose from that AREN'T sequels like you said.

So at the end of the day, it comes down to what games you like, and the 3DS offers WAY more in that department than the Vita does, plus it's cheaper.

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strigoi8142000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

monsters here look like they are lacking space on the 3DS's just look so awful you are like fighting with polygons and pixels...better stay with the console version

Tewi-Inaba2000d ago

"better stay with the console version"
About that

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