Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes Review - Chaos Hour

Welcome to Fallen Enchantress : Legendary Heroes one of the more popular and newer Civ-Building games in which you control your own empire, heroes and soldiers and your mission in life is to rule dominant over the lands. Legendary Heroes is the sequel to Fallen Enchantress which was released in October 2012 by Stardock Entertainment. However is this sequel simply an expansion pack to the already popular franchise or does it push the game further than ever before.

Like most other civilization games story and lore is usually pushed aside to open up a more dynamic and interactive world. Legendary Heroes Fallen Enchantress continues this trend. Even though the story takes a massive back seat you are introduced to several different worlds which you can customize how you like. You get to play god as you choose how big the map is, how many enemies there are, how strong the roaming monsters and mythical creatures are and much more. What makes Legendary Heroes special is, the reality that the world becomes alive with so many dynamic events such as meteor storms and eclipses that, each game you create becomes your own story to experience.

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