Xbox One will be eaten alive by Competition

The bad news continues to roll in for the Xbox One and the fault squarely falls on Microsoft. Greed and business decision stupidly is mostly the answer to why the Xbox One will be eaten alive by the PS4 and even the Wii U amazingly looks better with it’s old school ability of using able to use used games and free online playing. There’s some scary details with Microsoft that could even make the console worse than the mainstream news we have been hearing.

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PFFT1601d ago

lol these types of articles are funny. Thanks for the laugh.

EasilyTheBest1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Its better than Stand Up, I wait for the comments to start.
Xone spys on you is my favourite at the moment followed by Where are the games, thats hilarious too.

I think I have just found out the big 360 reveal for E3. OMG. Please make it be true...

abzdine1601d ago

Sony are clearly stepping their game up for the launch of PS4 and so far MS has only shown what they shouldn't have done so from a gamer point of view Sony is getting all my love cause what I want is play great games.

falviousuk1601d ago

And there will be great games on both platforms.

TheBrit1601d ago

SURE YOU DID - If you had found out the big surprise you would have already said what it was followed by 'mark my words'

Maddens Raiders1601d ago ShowReplies(4)
The_Infected1601d ago

"Don’t give in to the pretty graphics because if you do Microsoft’s new world will be watching you through the eye of Kinect."

Very well said:)

Septic1601d ago

Are you kidding? How is that well said?

christicehurst1601d ago

If it's a always online console with a watching camera in your home.Don't you think maybe it's something that Microsoft could take advantage of?

falviousuk1601d ago


Another website no one has heard off putting up a garbage article, without doing any fact checking on the information that has been release, all for hits.

1. write article about negative points of the xbox one (regardless of facts)
2. post onto N4G
3. Wait for the hits and the usual comments from non-gamers

loulou1601d ago


you could make easy advertising revenue from the hits that can easily be leeched from n4g just by writing negative xbox rubbish.

blogs4fanboys laps it up

TwinDad1601d ago


The only thing always on is the microphone, not the camera. Could they be listening? Possibly.

The console is not always online. It has been confirmed.

falviousuk1601d ago

@TwinDad I believe it's also been said that the system can be turned off fully, that way no part of the system is running, of course you can always switch it off at the plug.

But then i guess the usual lot on here would then bemoan that you cant just magically turn the system on without having to flick the switch at the wall.

Utalkin2me1601d ago


They said you can turn the camera off on Kinect. But Kinect still stays on and listens. Only way to truly turn it off is unplug the power from the wall, that is very creepy.

falviousuk1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )


again misinfomation spread around by uninformed people.

MS have already come out and said that the device can be turned off completely, so that both the camera and mic are not functioning.

sadly i can reply no further in this discussion due to have these so called bubbles removed for talking sense in xbox threads, which apparently you are not allowed to do

cyguration1601d ago


Gosh dude you're dense, it's PR spin posts.

Right from the article YOU LINKED:

"You can turn the system completely off," an unnamed company representative told gaming site Kotaku. "This would use no power and turn everything off. We'll share more details about how it all works later."


You CANNOT turn Kinect off without turning off the whole thing. You have to unplug it from your wall, otherwise it's always on and listening.

What part of that are people not understanding? Microsoft just keeps issuing "clarifications" and spinning the same thing into a different meaning so fanboys like falviousuk can fall for the trap.

Short of unplugging the thing from your wall, there is NO WAY to turn off Kinect. You CANNOT use the XB1 without Kinect being on. Period.

dmeador1601d ago

@cyguration Lol, Jesus man. How in the heck does that article he linked not say exactly what he said? I think I'm going to buy an Xbox just bc how die hard people are against it for reasons they don't even know about.

I'm for a console that tries new things instead of bigger processor and comparitivly a 9% better selection of games. Gulity until proven innocent seems to be the only montra on N4G.

You know what's awesome? On Star Trek TNG and them being able to at any time to say "computer, make me some fricken hot chocolate and play my favorite episode of 'The Bachelor". If X1 dies things I don't like then I won't buy it, but stop telling everyone how they are bringing down the system based on information they don't even know is true.

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Obtoose1601d ago

The funny thing is Sony's Eye does exactly the same, yet we're not talking about that, cuz all the cool kids just want to bash MS and get their little chat bubbles and upvotes..

Lazarus691601d ago

The difference is if you disconnect the pseye you can still use the PS4.If you disconnect the Kinect you cannot use the XB1

Obtoose1601d ago

MS has already stated you can completely disconnect the Kinect 2 and still play.

G20WLY1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

^ Obtoose, If you could provide a link to that press release people couldn't deny it.

I haven't heard you can turn it off and still play, but I'd sure be glad to read that from an official source.

The_Infected1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )


"How is that we'll said"

Maybe becuase you got a camera watching your every move all the time like it says.


Yea whatever....Sony hasn't revealed anything about their camera except how it works. Sony didn't say it had to be connected all the time or if it has to be on 24/7 which it want just watch.

Btw your link says..."You can turn the system completely off," an unnamed company representative told gaming site Kotaku.

Microsoft never said that Kinect can be completely rurned off. It clearly says an unnamed company told Kotaku that. I'll believe it when it's official.

ceedubya91601d ago

Well, in all fairness, common sense would tell us that if we at least unplug the thing from a power source, then the system would be completely off. The thing doesn't have to be always on if we don't want it to.

Garbanjo0011601d ago

I can turn the PSeye against a wall if I want to, I can't very well do that with Kinect. Not to tag along with conspiracy theorists here but I don't like the idea of any camera hooked up to the internet watching me in my livingroom 24/7. It's an invasion of privacy, now MS is checking faces in my living room to see how many people are watching a movie so they can charge me? SERIOUSLY?

It's the fact that we have enough cameras. They are on every street lamp, ATM, gas station, fast food drive-thrus, cell phones, computers, and now gaming consoles. An always on camera, that you can turn off, or a microphone that you can't (because the system won't operate) is fishy to me, I smell bacon when I think of the possibilities, and to be honest, there are things I do in my living room that I don't want an immediate skype chat popping up. There are reasons that I want things to be optional, and there are things that I don't want people to watch me doing. That's privacy, and that's bullshit. Not saying that it's 100% official to some of these aspects, it's just enough skepticism to not buy it anyway.

Themisterphenix1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

You can turn the Kinect off through the dashboard.Sony wants the PS Eye 2.0 always hooked up!Sony is doing DRM to,but they are being sneaky with it.
Sony will not force DRM it's up to Publishers!Guess what Publishers will do it and use it!They will not do it on one console and not the other!If Sony refuses they will lose 80% to 90% 'of third party titles!

The publishers are pushing DRM!The PS Eye 2.0 has to be always hooked up because of the new controller for the PS4 has the Light bar!They are trying to make it where you can cut it off if the game doesn't have move support!

I will be buying both the PS4 cause Killzone looks awesome!I will buy a XBOX ONE because I love Fable,Halo,Killer Instinct and Gears of War!

Garethvk1601d ago

I just did one where I asked if the reported 1 billion in game development will be enough to appease fans. With 15 games announced as exclusives, 1 billion would be about what that would cost for A level titles.

Minato-Namikaze1601d ago

Did they say "Game development" or "Game Content". 2 Very different things.

raytraceme1601d ago

They specifically said $1 billion for Xbox one content INCLUDING games not just games by itself.

jc485731601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

A level is good, but it also depends if the games interest people. We've seen A level titles where it sold below expectations and never saw the light of a sequel again.


ain't that something.

PigPen1601d ago

This is a good article. I agree with most of it but not all it. Microsoft decisions will hurt them a little but their console will be fine. All the consoles will be successful as this will be the longest generation ever.

Garethvk1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

I have tried to be really fair to the Xbox even though I have some real concerns due to issues and experiences with the past consoles and so on.

The Meerkat1601d ago

That's quite a bit of eating. Have you seen the size of the One?

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