Why Microsoft Supported Toshiba And Warner's Decision to go BD Exclusive Revealed - Survival of The Fittest

Warner Bros' announcement that it would issue content exclusively on the next-generation Blu-ray DVD format dealt a fatal blow to the aspirations of the technology's archrival, HD DVD.

HD DVD, which was technically inferior but a comparatively cheaper format to manufacture, was essentially a substantially revised upgrade of the existing DVD standard. Blu-ray also boasted advanced copy protection capabilities - a factor which reportedly swayed Warner Bros' decision to embrace the technology.

Bottoms claims Microsoft was "actually quite happy" to see the format battle prolonged, "because it just encouraged consumers to download content rather than buy in to either format".

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decapitator3914d ago

Gotta be honest, that was a smart business strategy by Microsoft. They sort of backed Toshiba just to prolong the war when they knew damn well that they will be loosing in the long run but will quickly start pushing digital downloading if nothing worked.

Plan seems to have worked except that, DD hasn't really taken off as they would have liked.

strotee3914d ago

Prolong the war? For what, an additional few months? Wow. It wasn't all that smart of a business move? For the record DD will fail too (in the sense that it will replace physical media).

The Killer3914d ago

and will never replace physical media its that simple, weather its an HD-DVD or Blue Ray or the next gen of format media!

DD is good for those who have high bandwidth speed and that will always cost, plus not every body is ready to wait some time till he watch a movie i think u would like to have the option to just put the disk in and play and u can always buy these disk from any movie shops!!

bill gates failed this time in his vision!! and remember guys not every country in the world is as rich and as advanced as america!!

Sayai jin3914d ago

@ strotee and The Killer- DIgitial DD does not have to replace physical media and will not. However MP3's did not replace CD's, but it provided a viable alternate. Many people mention infrastructre and bandwidth, but most are looking at the here and now. Technology changes rapidly and what is expensive now will not be for long. This will be interesting to watch and see, I still remember th MP3 vs CD's battles nt long ago. I see something happening very similiar.

gixxxer3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Nah this is just the 'playing the smart guy afterwards strategy'.

If they wanted HD video download content to become the mainstream why didn't they advertise that instead of pumping millions in HDDVD and even making HDDVD standalone 360 drives?

CrazzyMan3914d ago

so, let`s live today`s live and stop worrying about future DD.
today is dvd/blu-ray.

yesah3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

if they knew hd dvd would lose, then it was pure greed, they left many 360 owners out to dry, and they cost Toshiba billions by encouraging them to go farther into it.

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Whoooop3914d ago

I think we are way past all this HDDVD BS.. really

Bluray won, HDDVD lost and DD's will be here but they won't have any big impact.

The only reason MS is pushing DD's so desperately is because they weren't involved with Bluray and they don't have their own format. Even "they" know DD's won't appeal to the mass.

I bet that if MS was part of the creating team of a new format or if they created one themselves we wouldn't be witnessing all this nonsense about DD's being the next best thing in the near future.

HarryEtTubMan3914d ago

I'm gonna go watch a Blu Ray movie in 1080p crisp PS3 BEAUTY tonight hahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhah ahahahahhahahahhahahha

GETPWNT3914d ago

Yeah, cuz we all know you have a 1080p TV. Too bad your "HD" console didn't even come with HD cables.

ravenguard883914d ago

when you consider a big corporation's strategy. I think Microsoft is right to spend so much energy on downloads, because it IS the future, the only question is when.

slowlearner3914d ago

the success of the itunes store proves that the mass market does not care about having a physical collection of their media. Big strides are being made in memory storage and once people can carry their entire collection in something the size of a flash drive everywhere they go, then that will be the way to go.

And as far as bandwidth goes, America is behind. The standard is much higher around the world.

LJWooly3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Problem is, America is the only country the 360 has any sort of substantial ground in. MS also rely heavily on the US for the success of their other products.

People in Japan may be able to download 25GB movies at 10Mb/sec, but the Japanese generally don't buy Microsft products, so this won't help them at all.

HD-DVD failed, and now they're putting on a smug smile and acting all "well, we wanted it this way anyway."
Don't fall for it, they don't have a clue.

OJ_juice3914d ago

blu ray will last till 2015. then downloads will be standard.

boodybandit3914d ago

Digital download wont replace a physical media until more people in the world have high speed broadband then don't.

You adding vodka to that oj?

tgh machines3913d ago

Which is why he said in 2015 when more people will have high speed internet. And BTW the people who don't have high speed internet DON'T have BD. (People with hd tvs have high speed internet)

LJWooly3913d ago

"People with hd tvs have high speed internet."

You can't rely on that, it varies far too much. Other factors play their part in whether or not someone has broadband-speed internet. A lot of people live in areas where there is no broadband connection, and some people who have HDTVs may not even have a need for broadband.

Just because someone can afford one thing, does not mean they have to have bought something else, it doesn't work that way.

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