Game Makers Need to Stop Favoring Online Players

Online play has become one of the chief features of games within the last decade. As Xbox Live and the Playstation Network have evolved and enabled gamers from all over the world to connect with each other, more and more games have been embracing features utilizing this mode. However, in most cases, all this has done is bring down gaming as a whole.

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mtorino1937d ago

I'm not even referring to expensive DLC here that gets intentionally left out of the game when it should be in (Mass effect...)

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zeal0us1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

More or less its really publishers(not say some developers are equally to blame) that favors online players. Its one of the easiest ways to monetize off gamers.

We are living in the CoD era. Publishers and developers see how great CoD sells and think to themselves that if their game has multiplayer it will sale a ton. Instead of trying to make their multiplayer mode unique it ends up being a CoD clone.

Don't even get me started on content ripping then labeling it as DLC or day1 dlc bs.

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yugovega1937d ago

I agree with this as far as sony and ms are concerned. there have been plenty of game with online added at the expense of the single player experience "see god of war". split screen multiplayer is still a big selling point for me which is why I always have a Nintendo console. most of their games have the perfect mix of online and split screen all while not letting it effect my overall single player experience. conduit and mariokart are 2 good examples. somegame don't need multiplayer at all but yet it is forced in just to sell the game like uncharted and god of war

imXify1936d ago

Some games would be alot cooler if they had online play. A 4 players coop New Super Mario Bros U would be great imo.

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