Microsoft "rounding up answers" on Xbox One's DRM stance

Major Nelson says Microsoft is putting together a definitive list of answers to lingering Xbox One questions, and that "they look pretty good."

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Excalibur1659d ago

The only answer I want to hear is we are leaving like it currently is this gen, Devs need to get the EFF over it.

You want to sell more games then make better games and DLC so people will never want to part with them.

Keep making 5 hour campaigns, crappy multiplayer and charging $60.00 and people will continue trading the game in within a week of having it, it's not us, it's you.

NewMonday1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

"rounding up answers"

how hard is it to say "yes" or "no"

"Keep making 5 hour campaigns, crappy multiplayer and charging $60.00 and people will continue trading the game in within a week of having it, it's not us, it's you"

well said

zeal0us1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Obviously majority of gamers don't like MS stance on drm, so that would be a no brainer. The only ones left to "round up" are the publishers and devs.

For or Against
EA: For
Capcom: For
Ubisoft: For

sengoku1659d ago

MN has been spinning hard for M$
and having him say the answerers
"they look pretty good."

sounds like they will probably be horrible to me.

ChiaPet1659d ago

The only problem is that they probably haven't even decided on those policies yet and probably won't until June 10th.
Before they announce answers that are just confusing they should get it straightened out

SilentNegotiator1659d ago

LOL, "rounding up"?

They make it sound like third parties created their garbage system of DRM.

Gildarts1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

It's probably a strategy they have to see how people would react. That's why the answers were so vague. And at E3 they'll cone out and basically say. Hey it was all a bad joke.

SilentNegotiator1659d ago


Microsoft is a corporation. Corporations do not make "jokes" to the public under penalty of law.

1659d ago
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Ashlen1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Here's how you can win back my purchase.

1. We got rid of the fee for playing multi-player games using apps and the web browser ect.

2. We scrapped everything about the DRM, games won't be tied to your account in any way.

3. Kinect doesn't even need to be installed anymore.

4. You no longer need to have an internet connection to use the device.

5. We made the hard drive easily removable.

6. We ditched all peripheral devices you'll be able to use any hard drive or headset.

rainslacker1658d ago

Probably won't see 1. It's a huge money maker for them and people are willing to pay it.

3. Hard to say, it's so integrated into the OS.

5. Definitely not as the system design is finalized. But realistically if you had to switch it out you probably could with a simple screwdriver. The case didn't look hard to take apart like most consoles can be.

The other stuff they could be considering based on recent feedback

Wizziokid1659d ago

Why can't they just come out an give an answer instead of all of these half arsed answers which disregard each other.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1659d ago

They obviously don't know wtf their doing it seems.

True_Samurai1659d ago

A multi-billion dollar company not knowing what they're doing? -_- yeah yeah that's right they don't know what doing /s

ShoryuSwordsman1659d ago


well, based off their Xbox One reveal event, which they marketed toward the general populace despite the majority of media outlet reps/journalists in attendance being gaming centric, Not to mention the fact that all the DRM and used game policy questions and such prior to the reveal were handled quite sloppily, I'd say yea, they don't know what they're doing. (no sarcasm)

Gildarts1659d ago

Make no mistake people. They know exactly what they're doing. This was a strategy to see how people would react. And obviously our reactions must have had a lot of influence.

stage881659d ago

Translation: We're going to try and backtrack and reword everything we said to make it sound good but really we're not changing anything. Deal with it.

Excalibur1659d ago

Ding, Ding, Ding! Exactly.

Here's the thing MS, you can take a turd, shine it up, put it in a decorator box, wrap up with pretty wrapping paper and put a beautiful big bow on top but when you unwrap it all it's still a turd.

Stop trying to come up with ways to re-word and sell it to me, we are not stupid and we won't fall for it.

sway_z1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

It's a SIMPLE > YES or NO > MS!!

...What's with the convoluted responses???

Tell us all NOW!!!


SpinalRemains1659d ago

Just tell us the truth.
Did you redefine the terms of a transaction? Is it now ok to get paid 3 times for one disk? Why aren't other industries going this route? Do you feel it's normal to be paid so many times and quadruple your game profit by charging so many times for one manufactured item?

This is terrible. I have seen many games come and go. The reality is that most games are 8 hr games and not worth 60bucks. Once in a while a game like Skyrim or any Elder Scroll game will appear and you have a valid reason for charging 60. Most games are just ok. That's why we separate them in rating. Some are vastly superior and demand that we own them, but the idea that not only are the quick crap games going to be 60 bucks, but that you will now have to pay to borrow one is utterly absurd.

Only the gaming world could get so greedy and actually trick users into believing that developers have been poor victims who work tirelessly and see nothing for their efforts.

Make better games! Let the content of you work be the deciding factor in what drives your profits, not new ridiculous and absurd restrictions which have you being paid up to 10 times for a single disk. Come on.

FragMnTagM1659d ago

Still not getting an XBOX One, but in this article it states that used games require no fee.

"Well, it seems that second hand game sales are here to stay. Every Xbox One game will ship with an encrypted code. When a game is installed to the hard drive(mandatory), your Xbox One will be coupled with the encrypted code of the game you installed and sent to Microsoft. When you give or sell the game away, the game's encrypted code will be synced with the new Xbox One. Thus, removing the code from your Xbox One's code to the other. There will be no fee."

SpinalRemains1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

So if I loan out my Dante's Inferno to my friend and his account now has code, what's the point of the code? Can he give it back to me? Seriously. What's the point then if there is no fee? Only if a retailer buys it, then the fee is passed along to us?

I'm not understanding exactly.

With this model you still can't borrow games. Lending a game won't cost the borrower because he will be the new defacto owner lol. I have to pay to play my own game when he gives it back to me.

This solves nothing

rainslacker1658d ago

I imagine once you get it back you would just put the disc back into your system to become the "new" owner.

It does solve the piracy problem I suppose. Not the having to connect to the internet problem though.

FragMnTagM1659d ago

Don't attack the messenger. I just stated that there is no fee. I am in no way shape or form defending this bullshit.

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