The Best Next Gen PlayStation 4 Games to Play (When They’re Out)

Calin Ciabai writes on Unigamesity: "One of the reasons why the PS4 will win the next gen is a great line-up of games. I do have a feeling that even the non-exclusives will look better on the PlayStation 4 because of its raw power, but until then we can only speculate. And today we’re going to speculate on which are the best next gen PlayStation 4 games to play next year when Sony’s console is finally released."

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The_Infected1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Infamous: Second Son is my most anticipated game followed by Driveclub because I want a good racing game to enjoy and it looks great. My next would be Knack just because its a new IP and a also a great looking game. Killzone: Shadow Fall is up there with my must have games also. I was going to pick one game and look what happens! To many good games lol

CaEsAr-1606d ago

Our wallets are going to get raped by the end of the year.

saoco1606d ago

I don't think my wallet can take another rape.....

Gimmemorebubblez1606d ago

Personally I can't wait to see the future of fantasy RPG's having played the Witcher 1 and 2 I can't wait for the 3rd and I am sure one of Sony's highly regarded studios is working on a RPG.

Foolsjoker1606d ago

Best games to play, all of them?

PurpHerbison1606d ago

Curious about Destiny but I won't be surprised if I am let down.

saoco1606d ago

Well I postponed mu single turbo conversion for my rx7, so that I can get as many games as I want at launch. I'm not gonna lie, I probably won't have time to play..... But fuck it.

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