5 Reasons Why “The Last of Us” Is Going To Be Insanely Good

Before I start off with this article that has kept me insomniac and thinking for many sleepless nights, here’s to the ones who bought God of War: Ascension and got a ticket to The Last Of Us Playable Demo. Screw your quarantined life, insert the GOW disc and head for the jungle this Friday, in order to download your ‘The Last Of Us’ demo. Even though God of War didn’t live up to the trilogy, they did include a compensation charge, in the form of this demo access. So here’s to them yet again!

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The_Infected1604d ago

How about two words why it will be insanely good. Naughty Dog:)

TrevorPhillips1604d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth haha :)

Elimin81603d ago

Don't need no reasons and don't need to tell me it's gonna be good..... I will be getting it Day One!

Utalkin2me1604d ago

Actually it probably could be "50 reasons why"

boing11604d ago

Just three more hours!

DeletedAcc1604d ago

Only 1 Reason for Me.. ND

OrionNoctis1604d ago

when this game releases will break records like uncharted 2 did...

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