Sony made it easy to bring Blacklight: Retribution to PS4, says Zombie Studios

Edge-Online speaks with the studio’s creative director Jared Gerritzen about finding the game its new home on PlayStation 4.

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The_Infected1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Sony is great at supporting their gaming developers and community.

ATi_Elite1429d ago

Blacklight Retribution is a Great looking game but the Devs seem to have spent too much time making a console version than fixing the issues with the PC version.

I stopped playing Blacklight:Retribution when Tribes:Ascend made huge improvements to keep gamers happy while Blacklight:R had the same CRAP!

Good Luck consolers as I hope BL:R Devs make the PS4 version better than the PC version which is NO LONGER fun to play because it's so STALE while other F2P games have IMPROVED like WARFACE!

RenegadeRocks1429d ago

If Hawken also makes it to the PS4, along with Planetside 2, then this will be the best gaming console ever !

millgate11429d ago

I'm pretty sure PlanetSide 2 was teased earlier this year by the makers, so don't be surprised if we hear something about it during E3. Plus, it is made by SOE, a SONY owned developer.

MasterCornholio1429d ago

Wow I can't believe that the PS4 will get 3 FTP MMOs at launch.

Motorola RAZR i

millgate11429d ago

War Thunder, Blacklight and what?

Pintheshadows1429d ago

I think he is referring to PS2.

SpitFireAce851429d ago

Great interview and always welcome more devs with some great
games to play.In the end gamers win

isarai1429d ago

Next gen is going to be so great to be a PS4 gamer, so much indie support, so much developer support, and so much gamer focus, Sony has become the boyband and i have become the teenage girl that screams and jumps at the sight of PS4