Diehard GameFAN: Pre-Ordering ShadowFell is not a Conspiracy

DHGF: I think my point of all these numbers I’m tossing out here, is that Turbine is not trying to rip you off. They’ve put together two new areas and 10 new quests and then added a bunch of new bonuses and iconic classes for people to play while giving you a good value even if you don’t end up using half of what you get. The bonuses aren’t nearly as good if you don’t preorder and I knew a lot of people who regretted not picking up the preorder later when they had to get the whole expansion for Menace of the Underdark anyway or had to wait months for it to show up in the game store. The bottom line is, if you’re getting the expansion anyway, have the money, you’re not hurting yourself by ordering early. You’re giving yourself a nice present of goodies you may not have bought on their own but will ultimately help you in the long run.

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