New Super Luigi U Nintendo Direct Trailer

New Super Luigi U just got another new trailer, shown during today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct. Check it out below:

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ziratul1576d ago

Wii U will conquer the world. There is no hope for PS4 and XBOX one

tait2691576d ago

With Super Mario DLC, I dont think so.

ChickeyCantor1576d ago

It's also being released as a standalone for a period of time. eh.

tait2691576d ago

Does the DLC or the Standalone come out first?

Pandacorn1576d ago

Hmm mixed thoughts on this.

Arekkz1576d ago

I think once Zelda and Smash come out, it's be a real contender, but right now it's still got a long way to go...

tait2691576d ago

Just like the MS with XBone, Nintendo has alot to prove at E3. Plus them only doing Nintendo Directs doesn't help.

ziratul1575d ago

Imagine playing FIFA 14 on PS4 or XBOX ONE just slightly better than PS360 version and 1080p or better to say actual PC version. Is it worth? Another GOW? another HALO? If anyone is expecting something New, Interesting to play then GO WII U!

LOL_WUT1575d ago

Same could be said about the Wii U, another Zelda another Mario? ;)

yugovega1576d ago

I wonder if they will surprise everyone with a different final boss? just for luigi

yugovega1576d ago

will luigi be saving daisy instead of peach? will bowser be a good guy? knowing Nintendo bowser will be bad and luigi is saving Mario. why can't waluigi and wario be the bad guys for a change?

Minato-Namikaze1576d ago

Does Bowser have a brother by any chance?

yugovega1576d ago

not that anyone knows of. though everyone else has a brother in the series so it would be a nice surprise.

Arekkz1575d ago

Maybe it'll be Bowser, wearing a Luigi hat, because it's the year of Luigi.

Eamon1576d ago

Can jump higher??? Take my monies!!!

majiebeast1576d ago

Whats that now 8 games with Mario and Luigi in 2 years? They have really started milking this thing.

yugovega1576d ago

this is dlc. so should we consider every game that releases dlc a milking? say last of us will be milking because of it's dlc?

majiebeast1576d ago

Its getting a stand alone release so its a game. Same for R&C quest for booty which was dlc but also had a retail release.

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