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Xbox Live Arcade games don't work on Xbox One - "keep your Xbox 360", advises Microsoft

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has confirmed that Xbox One's lack of backwards compatibility also extends to Xbox Live Arcade games, and advised Xbox 360 owners who've built up a healthy stockpile to keep hold of their current generation consoles. (Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

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dirigiblebill  +   694d ago
SignifiedSix91  +   694d ago
Software emulation? If it could be done, it would have been done on the PC already. You need a lot of power to be able to emulate the 360/PS3.

Even more impossible on a weaker CPU.

Edit: Hell, its almost impossible to even emulate the original Xbox on PC's.
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decrypt  +   694d ago
Well none of the Xbox or PS3 games will work on the next box. Console gaming just is this way. Its expensive. Console makers dont want console gamers having a games library at the start of a new gen, it just slows down sales of new games.

Console makers know most people wont be switching back and forth between new console and old console, infact most people will end up selling their old consoles. Which just means console makers can sell more new games.

My sympathy with console gamers who may have 50-60 games bought this gen as a games library or even worse those who bought HD remakes thinking its for collection (they might have to buy the same remakes again for the next box).

Personally i have over 175 games on Steam most bought on discounts, not a worry in the world about not being able to play them regardless of any hardware upgrade. Its for this reason those looking for a secure system where their games are safe and can be played for decades to come i would recommend the PC. As of this next gen PC literally will be having a better and more diverse range of games in pretty much any genre out there be it:

FPS, RTS, MMO, TPS, fighting games, platformers.

PC literally will have every platform beat in all those genres since every other platform will be starting with 0 games.
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Blackdeath_663  +   694d ago
you can emulate ps3 games can't you ?also i doubt you need that much power to run an emulator this guy is doing it on windows xp using an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 which is really outdated in terms of cpu http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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SignifiedSix91  +   694d ago
Look at how laggy that thing is though...
NarooN  +   694d ago
@everyone else
No, there are no working PS3 emulators out there. Any videos you see on youtube are fake. PCSX2, the only real PS2 emulator, took around ten+ years for the emu to reach a decent state to where a lot of games were playable with good framerates. The PS2 had an insanely exotic architecture which is why it needs an efficient CPU with a decent clock rate to get fullspeed on many games.

The PS3's architecture isn't any better, in fact it may be worse, which is why there's no real emu out right now for it. There's one in development, but the team is very small and it will be ages before games are playable, and that's IF they don't abandon the project or get more members.

Likewise the original Xbox emulation project was only being worked on by one guy in his spare time if I remember correctly, because there's not much interest in Xbox emulation. We wouldn't see a 360 emu anytime soon for architectural difficulties as well.
3-4-5  +   694d ago
If the games they are making are more like Original Xbox games then maybe I might think about buying XB1 once it drops in price or a good enough game is out.

I'll be fine playing GTA V on my xbox 360 and playing my PC + 3DS.

Getting a Wii U at some point so which ever seems to be more aligned with what I want ( between PS4&XB1) is the one I'll get.
BillytheBarbarian  +   694d ago
I will keep my 360. I won't need Xbox one.
THamm  +   694d ago
Dude, exactly what I was thinking. They couldn't have put it better. bubble up!
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BabyTownFrolics  +   694d ago
I'm gonna buy the xbox1 and the ps4 cause I love to game.

Now watch all the disagrees....
or not
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Kamikaze135  +   694d ago
I'm going to buy a 360 after the Xbox One comes out. I'm sure there will be a price drop, lol.
kreate  +   694d ago
Same here :)
yugovega  +   694d ago
no wonder they expect to still sell 25 million systems. 360 owner will have to buy replacements to play any of the games they have bought. easy way to sell more 360s I suppose but makes your "one" even more unwanted then it already was.
sway_z  +   694d ago
Didn't Microsoft make elaborate promises back in 2011 that Xbox One will play all Xbox 360 games and even improve them with upscaling and better frame rates??

...have gamers forgotten?

Microsoft have the collateral to ensure their games look amazing at E3, so that's at least 'One' thing to look forward to :)

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   694d ago
sway_z  +   694d ago
100% AGREE :)

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testerg35  +   694d ago
I may have missed it, but where/when did MS say that One could play 360 games?
Mustang300C2012  +   694d ago
NO they didn't. If anything it was based on a rumor and it was highly expected that neither system was going to play the previous gen games.
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KRUSSIDULL  +   694d ago
So they couldnt just put the games on their 300.000+ Server farm and let us stream our purchased games?
THamm  +   694d ago
Of course they will, but it's gonna cost! Double dipping generation!
optimus  +   694d ago
this is a stupid move by them, if the xb one is " 3 times more powerful" than all of their current live arcade games should be a piece of cake to transfer. i don't see any reason why we can't transfer them to their "almighty cloud" or simply put on a flash drive and use it on the One...
This could have been a much welcome incentive, especially if sony isn't doing it and compared to all the bad press microsoft has been getting with everything else... they really need a new boss over there with a different vision.
testerg35  +   694d ago
If the One can't emulate a 360. How does transferring the file help?
optimus  +   694d ago
Like I said, the One is supposed to be that much more powerful. Just cause it currently doesn't emulate 360 architecture doesn't mean that it can't...they just don't want it to. Besides, most of those live Arcade games are built on a pc 1st anyway... i was also talking about the small arcade games like Braid,pinballFX, Trials, etc. not actual 360 digital games that were once disks.
Deadpool101  +   694d ago
So i need my 360 to play my old discs and arcade games & i need a cable box to enjoy the interactive tv features...remind me again how this is an "all-in-one" entertainment system? Do get me wrong, if the games are good i'll still buy one buy i cant quite see how their marketing team thought a focus it being an "all-in-one" system was a smart descison when it's anything but.
THamm  +   694d ago
BTW if our games are purchased on XBOX LIVE service, shouldn't they transfer to ANY device that XBOX LIVE is run on? Kinda like Apple saying music bought on Itunes store on your Iphone 4 cannot be transferred to your new purchased Iphone 5
BillytheBarbarian  +   694d ago
I wish xbla games worked on my windows phone and vice versa. Sadly the only things shared are gamerscore and avatars. Pffft.
BillytheBarbarian  +   694d ago
Whichever console gets Shenmue 3 will get my purchase.
Tetsujin  +   694d ago
I had the same mentality for Killer Instinct 3, however after extensive thinking I don't see the justification of a console for 1 game (Even at the start); I'd rather wait and see what other games that console releases just incase.
Supermax  +   694d ago
I'm getting both just like I did last gen gamers game.
MadMen  +   694d ago
Lets think on this

If the current arcade games are Downloadable on Xbox one as well, then why wouldnt your current one work.

So your telling me MS is going to toss its current library of arcade and indie games and have a fresh start on Xbox one

Interesting, dont believe the hype, I am sure they would rather have you re buy it is more of the strategey
Belking  +   694d ago
"I am sure they would rather have you re buy it is more of the strategey"

Kind of like making you pay for memory for the vita or making you re-pay for ps3 games using Gaikai....lol
ChiaPet  +   694d ago
The Xbox One won't play 360 arcade games because they have to create an entire software emulation program to do so which would take quite a long time.
I personally would rather MS just focus on the next gen rather than spending a lot of effort on current gen IMO
IIJOSEPHXII  +   694d ago
They could use the HDMI IN port to connect the 360 to the XBOX ONE, so you will be using the X1 interface to access your 360 games, but still using the 360 hardware to run them.
MilkMan  +   694d ago
News on this X1 just keeps getting sadder and sadder.
I got TONS of Arcade games. F@ck it! I guess.
Daoshai  +   694d ago
Then buy a Wii u and stop your crying.
MilkMan  +   694d ago
I have already, soon PS4.
Morgue  +   694d ago
And slowly the 360 will fade into non existence.

I wonder how long it'll take MS to start shutting down servers for 360 games after the new console is released?
optimus  +   694d ago
Well I read somewhere that they plan to keep supporting the 360 for the next 5 yrs, how exactly remains to be seen. Supposedly they are going to have a strong showing for the 360 at e3.
Morgue  +   694d ago
I hope so but at the same time I can't help but wonder if they will slowly phase things out or start adding features to Xbox 1 games and gimping the 360 versions.

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