Official PlayStation mag’s PS4 launch line up predictions – the games & their day one chances

OPM: We line up the games that have (and haven’t) been revealed for PS4 yet and weigh up the chances of a launch day release. Killzone Shadow Fall? Almost certain. Destiny? Not so much.

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Wizziokid1997d ago

A lot of games on that list have my eye, I'm happy not all of them will be at launch, my bank will rage quit.

minimur121996d ago

Killzone shadowfall is confirmed,
Watchdogs is confirmed
Driveclub confirmed
Infamous confirmed
Im sure theres more but I couldnt find anymore, but in the conv. with creators, WD confirms is, as did killzone and gameinformer infamous interview did im pretty sure s/20130226_133143_zpsc462ef2c. jpg


Wizziokid1996d ago

Well from that list that's 4/4 games I'll own at launch

guitarded771996d ago

I was coming to say the same about Killzone. They confirmed that it will indeed be a launch title.

As for the others, i wasn't sure, but suspected.

indysurfn1996d ago

If Final fasntasy comes out and it is not some hack and slash with rpg elements (read action rpg) I'd bye ANY CONSOLE(read any console except xbone) to get that. A Sega reintetry, a google chrome, Wiiu, yuma (or what ever that start up one was suppose to be called.

I would by destiny, GTA5 also (as prepaid games), Maybe even call of duty.

You here that Microsoft, even Final fantasy will not make a American xbox360 lover by xbone one now. What you going to do in Japan huh? What what what with your conniving business practices!

Myst1997d ago

Ah Deep Down I remember seeing that and hope to see it as a launch title! Rather I just hope to see more of it at this point as the trailer got me excited.

sway_z1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I pre-ordered PS4 via Amazon this morning...even though the PS4 won't launch until (fingers crossed for UK) later this year, I still feel excited just by reserving the dang thing!

I haven't felt like this since...well, 2005 :)

Ares84HU1997d ago

You can't preorder the PS4 anywhere just yet. Especially not amazon.

IRetrouk1997d ago

Yes u can have had mine preordered in game for over a month, at least in the uk anyway, check out, the xbox one is also up for preorder

CrustifiedDibbs1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Amazon uk has it now

Edit: oops someone already answered that one below me lol.

MRMagoo1231996d ago

What is it with ppl saying you cant preorder yet, i have had my ps4on preorder since the ps4 reveal at EB games my receipt says i made the preorder on the 8th march.

FITgamer1996d ago

You can't pre-order on Amazon in US, but you can be put on the notification list.

Ares84HU1997d ago

I checked gamestop, best buy, amazon and none of them offer preorders. Maybe preorders are exclusive to the UK market.

sway_z1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )


'You can't preorder the PS4 anywhere just yet. Especially not amazon'.

I had email alert set up with Amazon UK since the PS4 reveal back in Feb. Amazon emailed me early this morning, received approx 3am.

I actually pre-ordered just a few hrs ago..

You're quite rude though dude...just because wherever you are has no PS4 pre-orders running yet..then I must be a liar??

Maybe you didn't mean it quite like that, but still, you could think before you type.

Ares84HU1997d ago

If you think I was rude than you will have a nasty surprise once you go out in the real world. I was just stating a fact. Maybe I should have been more specific by saying you can't preorder the PS4 anywhere in the USA or Hungary. I know I checked shops in both places. ( I live in the USA but from Hungary).

Anyway, don't be so sensitive. You will get a lot more hurt in the real world.

MikeMyers1997d ago

I'm going to take a wild guess and say Killzone: Shadow Fall will be delayed to early next year. They won't want to compete with Call of Duty: Ghosts. Instead I hope to see The Last Guardian take its place.

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