Arcania: The Complete Tale Launches on PlayStation 3

Nordic Games has today launched ArcaniA: The Complete Tale on the PlayStation 3. Initially released for Windows PC and the Xbox 360 as two separate packages, ArcaniA: The Complete Tale combines ArcaniA: Gothic 4 together with the Fall of Setarrif expansion that will provide an additional ten hours of gameplay to the original story.

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sdozzo1995d ago

I Thought July On Amazon. Just UK?

TedCruzsTaint1995d ago

Decent game overall. Been playing through it here and there since buying it on Steam sale a while back. While it certainly dumbed itself down from the Piranha Bytes offerings, it still has decent enough combat and a highly detailed world to explore.
The writing, however, is pretty meh. Uninteresting characters throughout and the story is rather standard. And let's not touch on the voice acting. Just no.
Can't say I recommend at the asking price, but the game and expansion (of which I have not tried myself), set around ten bucks, is the sweet spot for this one, in my opinion.

Heavenly King1995d ago

Is this game any good?? I am quite intrigued with this publisher since they bought Darksiders IP.