A Tribute To The PS4, For All It Has Done To Fight The Xbox One

An eGamer journalist makes a "tribute" to Sony and the PlayStation 4 to follow a previous Microsoft and Xbox One tribute.

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Sharius2025d ago

being someone you may call me a PS fanboy, but still, i'm enjoy his poem

iGAM3R-VIII2025d ago

No I disagree with you, if ANYONE writes a poem about any gaming console, I have lost total respect for you and I wonder what you do with your life.

In all seriousness though Sony have improved since the PS3 and are looking like they could be able to beat MS

Utalkin2me2025d ago

Sony has beat MS the last 2 generations, why would it be any different?

JoGam2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

iGamer I hear you. Keep in mind once we stop thinking out the box as gamers, we start to lose that one thing. Creativity. You may not understand why someone makes a poem about a console, just keep in mind its that same creativity that brought on games like Little Big Planet. Im pretty sure when the game was in discussion before it was made some people may have shot down the idea or called it crazy. Passion is what drives this industry, and if writing poems will is a way to express your passion then so be it my good friend.

Hicken2025d ago

So it's perfectly acceptable to throw insults at people over consoles, but not to write a poem?

JoGam2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

@ Hickens, to have a opinion about a console is one thing but to insult someone over a console, poem or anything is different. Insults and Opinions are two different things.

Tody_ZA2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Just to clarify, there is one directed at both the Xbox One (it was here on N4G last week) and PS4, as the video clearly states in the start.

It's not meant to spread hate at all or express my opinion (as I loved the PS4 reveal, I was giddy like a school girl for it), but simply make fun of the negativity surrounding both consoles. It parodies the issues with both reveal events, and nothing more than that.

I'm a PS3 lover (I think I mentioned this in the video), I've had one since the console's launch and I'm very passionate about gaming.

When I did the one about the Xbox One, I was encouraged to do more here on N4G. I think we need to be able to make fun of things we like just as much as things we didn't or had a problem with :)

It's good to laugh, and this is aimed at humour and really nothing else.

If it wasn't funny (or I should say enjoyable, because different people find different things funny) or you feel it can be improved, then I'm more than happy to listen to all feedback =) It always helps.

I just hope you understand that there is no intent to cause harm or be insulting. After all, I'm making fun of a console I plan to be buying when it's out, and an event that I enjoyed immensely.

Hmm. Weird.

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SOULJER2025d ago

ok. Aladdin listen up I don't think your heart was in this one. It could be your limited source material.

Tody_ZA2025d ago

Thank you for the feedback :) Haha I'll pretend not to be weirded out by being called Aladdin :P

Hmm, when writing this in the last week and looking through the issues people had with the reveal, I always felt like there was an ocean for the Xbox One and a tiny little pond for the PS4. It was mostly the absence of the console, David Cage's polygon speech, and the long presentation of Wonderbook.

I don't want to put blame on external factors before myself, so I accept what you've said and hope that if I do make another one, you feel it's better :)

Always appreciate feedback.

rainslacker2024d ago

I thought it was pretty clever, but the first one you did seem to have more heart in it.:)

Either way, will be looking forward to any more you do.

Tody_ZA2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Hey rainslacker :D

Thank you, I appreciate your comment :)

Just so that I can improve (hopefully!) when you said that I seemed to have more heart in the first one, do you mean that:

1. The quality of the writing was better for the Xbox One tribute?

2. Or my energy/presentation was better in the Xbox One tribute?

3. Or both?

I would just like to pinpoint whether it was an issue with the writing, or the presentation, then I know which area to work on :)

I welcome all criticism, so thank you and I'm glad you'll be looking forward to the next one!

rainslacker2023d ago

The energy level. This one seemed like you were holding back your actual opinion a bit, trying to seem unbiased. Kind like just being argumentative for arguments sake.

The quality of the writing was on par with the first one though.

boldscot2025d ago

There's nothing worse then when someone thinks he's really funny when he's actually just really annoying.

oldassgamer2024d ago

This should have been rejected based on his intro alone...