Microsoft still blasè over PC gamers

MWEB GameZone writer, Delyth Angharad, takes a look at the implications of Matt Booty, general manager of Microsoft's Redmond Game Studios and Platforms statement:

"we have got everything from very, very casual games, like our very much improved and reimagined Solitaire, all the way to graphically complicated games like The Harvest"

What is Microsoft saying about the future for its PC gamers?

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plut0nash2026d ago

Don't discount Linux and the steam box. Lots of reasons to keep PC gaming alive hey. TBH I see Microsoft as a company struggling to adapt in the face of big change.

WelshPixie2026d ago

They've always been that company. Didn't put out an internet browser until WAY late in the game because they dismissed the internet as a 'fad' and then struggled to keep up with all the other browsers - and never quite made it. They want to dominate the market always but fall short with their ideas and implementations and have to resort to bullying tactics to stay in the game at all.

Yi-Long2026d ago

... they're blase about ALL GAMERS.

PandaMcBearface2026d ago

I actually find it highly confusing that Microsoft appears to be concentrating on consumers for their console and what they need because surely the amount of money they make from sales of Windows shows them how huge the PC gaming market is, if nothing else?
I'm not saying disregard console gamers, but at the same time, PCs have been around for longer and you can't just toss one of your largest and most loyal target markets aside.

This is just conjecture, but I bet you eventually it will come out that they spent more on the Xbox One than they should have and that's why they are making it such a big thing.

WelshPixie2026d ago

Microsoft have always loved trying to 'shape' the market to their liking. They've survived thus far on a strategy of strong-arming, bullying smaller competitors out of the way and spreading downright lies about those they couldn't until they come out on top - not because they're the best, but because they're the biggest. They're big into trying to manipulate their consumers into thinking they know what's best for them. What they're trying to do now is turn Windows into even more of a 'walled garden' - restricting access to outside programs and unifying the gaming experience across their three platforms - PC, mobile and Console. They think if they can restrict the market with their Windows 8 tie-ins, everyone who buys their OS will be shutting out their competitors who just won't be able to publish to Windows, and thus will lose money and fail and leave Microsoft the last man standing. It's a tactic that relies heavily on their consumers not knowing any better, and it's why Windows is, despite being god-awful and hideously overpriced, the main home operating system now. As Linux is growing and becoming more widely used it's being better supported by the companies it needs to make it a more feasible platform for gaming - ironing out all those driver issues and getting native support - and that's only happening now because Microsoft are failing in their campaign to lie through their teeth about how bad Linux is, and because people are starting to wise up to Microsoft's strategies and are looking for alternatives.

Choc_Salties2026d ago

it doesn't say much about a rather (imho) influencial segment of the market. Unless of course they are just aboning that segment...

LAWSON722026d ago

I really don't care I just want the new controller to get supported on PC like the 360.

aliengmr2026d ago

You can't tame the PC platform, simple as that. MS really thought it would be easy when they started GFWL. But since the Xbox they just grew out of touch with the PC gaming community. Considering how crucial Windows is to PC gaming its amazing how completely out of touch they became.

The PC is an open platform and must stay that way. Its the place you go to test new ideas, and not just in gaming. Even consoles benefit by its existence. Its not about competition so much as a way for new ideas to gain popularity in an industry that is becoming more and more risk adverse as budgets and expectations become more bloated.

When MS tried to take control of the platform it got GFWL thrown back in its face. It was so poorly received that MS virtually gave up on it. At this point they have given up on the entire platform. Whatever role they had in PC gaming has since been taken over by others.

PC gaming doesn't really need them beyond the OS and even that is likely to be replaced in the future. They tried to tame that which couldn't and shouldn't be tamed. Their business ethos didn't take that into account.

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